30 Teeny Tiny Ways To Be More Grateful In Life!

30 Teeny Tiny Ways To Be More Grateful In Life!

American author Melody Beattie once said, "Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."

It is easy to be distracted by everyday life - to be grateful for what we already have is a skill.  In my experience, a life well-lived is one of gratitude and thankfulness. The more gratitude we feel for what we already have, the more we'll be blessed with, in the future. So, on World Gratitude Day, let's get on to the journey of a well-lived and well-cherished life that begins with a thankful note to the Universe.

1. From the first breath in the morning to the last sigh before sleeping, enjoy and appreciate everything!  

2. Remember, challenges are for you to grow, so be grateful for them.

3. Practice to become more mindful, think about the things you are grateful for every day for at least five minutes.

4. Volunteer to help and give back with kindness to nature.

5. Maintain a gratitude journal.

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6. Don't keep all this gratitude to yourself, be expressive, share your grateful thoughts with friends and others.

7. Spend more time with the universe and self. 

8. Spend more time with your loved ones. 

9. Take care of your body.

10. Practice appreciating the present moment.

10 oprah winfrey crying with gratitude

11. Start thinking beyond yourself. Think about people, think about the planet, think about the universe.

12. Replace your complaints with gratitude.

13. Smile more. Smile for strangers.  

14. Be humble, always. 

15. Do the best you can with a good heart. That is enough.

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16. Listen to other's stories and thank them for giving you an opportunity to learn from their story.

17. Make someone's day happier if you can. 

18. Help everyone you can with a smile. Don't hold back.

19. Make others feel welcome.

20. Forgive people you love. Life is too short to hold a grudge.

20 i appreciate you

21. Keep your promise and avoid over-promising.

22. Respect yourself and everyone around you.

23. Give compliments to people.

24. Talk about people and more importantly, about yourself with kindness.

25. Be playful and stay in touch with your inner child who is honest, loyal and humble side.

25 man saying thank you

26. Be gentle with yourself.

27. Do something that you love every day. 

28. Appreciate every single thing that makes feel content.

29. Take a moment every day to appreciate the uniqueness of things around you.

30. And finally, to attract positivity, train your brain to see good things in everybody.

30 smart man

Feeling positive already?! Let's get going then... Do let us know what takes the first spot on your gratitude list in the comment section below!

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