Pay Me What You Owe Me: 7 Ways Of Asking Borrowed Money Back From Your Friend

Pay Me What You Owe Me: 7 Ways Of Asking Borrowed Money Back From Your Friend

Do you have a friend who keeps borrowing money, but forgets to return it? We all do! They always have their excuses ready. Sometimes, they say that they're broke and the other times they forget their wallet at home. And yes, you end up clearing the cheque because who wants to do the dishes after all?!

There are times our friends borrow money for some personal reasons, too. Sensing the urgency, we end up offering a helping hand, hoping they'd return it as soon as they have it. But what to do if it has been months and they show no sign of repaying the amount borrowed?

It's strange that we feel embarrassed about asking for something that's ours. If you don't want money to get between you and your friends, you should learn the tricks of the trade. Here are some ways you can get your money back. Read on!

1. Drop Some Hints

They say that a word to the wise is sufficient. At first, you can drop subtle hints and slip them into conversations. Talk to your friend about how one time you loved a dress but couldn't buy it because you were running short of money. This might remind them what they owe you (if they have truly forgotten about it).

Money 1

2. A Gentle Reminder

Well, if the hints were a complete miss, then you have to mention it without beating around the bush. Maybe they've forgotten. Send them a gentle reminder via text about the amount they owe you and that you would appreciate it if they could return it at the earliest.

3. Clarify That It Was Like A Loan

Try reiterating and emphasising the fact that it was a loan and you expect the money borrowed to be returned well in time. Let them know that the money you loaned is something you need to cover your own expenses!

4. Ask Them What They Did With That Money

Ask your friend to narrate to you the whole story in detail. This'll help you know why they borrowed it in the first place. Ask them if their purpose was solved and if they put it to good use. Just to be sure that they did not engage in any malpractices.

Money 4

5. Tell Them You Need Their Help

You were there for your friend when they needed you the most and now it's time for them to return the favour. Tell them that you need the money urgently because you need to pay some bills or pay the doctor's fee.

6. Cut To The Chase

If your innumerable attempts are going in vain, then you must confront your friend. Pay them a surprise visit and straight up ask for your money. Tell them to either pay it or give you a collateral till the time they arrange for the money.

7. If All Else Fails, Apply Force

Have you tried your best to convey them that they must pay your money but they're still making excuses and avoiding your texts and calls? Maybe you can involve other friends who can talk to the person but you need to do it the legal way. This clearly is your last resort if the amount is too.

Money 7

If nothing works, consider this a life lesson. You can easily forget a few hundreds, but if this is a constant habit, then may be you should stop going out with them. Trust those who deserve it and help those you value what you're giving them. 

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