#VideoOfTheDay: The Actual Truth About Dermarolling At Home

#VideoOfTheDay: The Actual Truth About Dermarolling At Home

An advanced version of dermarolling has been available at all skin treatment centres and cosmetic clinics. Dermarolling basically is a way to puncture the skin lightly to indicate your brain to send more care and healing towards your face. Do you remember Kim K's bloody face selfie after a facial? Yes, dermarolling. Recently, derma rollers started becoming available for everyone to buy with varied needle lengths and better packaging. Beauty gurus started using them for every skincare routine and suddenly they were the talk of the town. 

But I had so many questions! I wanted to know what needles were right for me? How much would it hurt? How much would it cost? Are there types? Will I bleed? Basically, while the gurus were explaining why the derma roller was so great, I still didn't know much about it, until this Youtuber came along.

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For our #Videooftheday series today, I picked this video that talks about everything you ACTUALLY need to know about dermarolling at home. Why do you do it? Alexandra Beth has been around YouTube for really long and I especially love her videos for all the information she tries to add to her videos. Here she talks about dermarolling, and how your skin will look afterwards. She also tells you when you absolutely shouldn't use it. If there is one video you need to watch before you decide if the derma roller is for you or not, then this should be it. 

What do you watch on YouTube?

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