The Craziest 80 Thoughts I Had While Watching 'Hum Saath Saath Hain'

The Craziest 80 Thoughts I Had While Watching 'Hum Saath Saath Hain'

Sweet and sanskaari people living their life in harmony but then vicious looking vamps swoop to rain on their parade? No, I am not talking about an Ekta Kapoor serial, but a movie which has been one of the most favourite family dramas for a lot of people. Did you already guess it? Well, it's Hum Saath Saath Hain (I won't blame you if you deny liking it). It was all fun and games when I saw it as a teenager, but then I happened to watch it yesterday after years and my outlook towards it totally changed. So, here are some crazy thoughts I had while watching this Sooraj Barjatya cult!

1. Why are these couples - Mohnish and Tabu, Saif and Karisma and Salman and Sonali, wearing matching outfits in the opening song? Where did they get them? Is this the old #CoupleGoal?

2. Oh wow, Karisma is romancing her now brother-in-law, Saif.

3. Three fully grown men still share a room. And, they have their picture on the wall behind their bed.

4. That's a cool alarm clock on Saif's side table. A pink hippo, FTW!

5. Early morning prayer with mom and dad is the perfect way to start your day, right? Just SO sanskaari!

6. How typical - the youngest sibling is the most notorious of them all! But why is he so scared for being late to the pooja?

7. And an introverted big brother? Could this BE more typical?

8. People have started visiting their house for their 25th anniversary and they are cracking very strange and stupid jokes. Gah!

9. Their friend made laddu for their anniversary and I get happy if my friends turn up for my birthday party. Do I need new sanskaari friends?

10. Wait, people are walking in at 8am to their house to wish them? WTF?? They don't have anything better to do?

Thoughts I Had While Watching Hum Saath Saath Hain 1

11. Kids get treats when they come to Nani's house. Ah! Good, old times!

12. Look at Yo! Neelam from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai being so sanskaari.

13. Is it just me or is there too much overacting here?

14. "Ammi jaan acha khana khilaati hai and abbu jaan jeene ke ache saleekhe sikhate hai" - according to Shakti Kapoor aka Anwar Bhaijaan, that's all you need in life. Eww!

15. Did they just hide all the food from Satish Shah? That's mean!

16. People turn up the moment they think about them. Co-incidence or just a great script?

17. "Ladkiya bhi boyz logo se kam nahi!" Kya hai aunty ye sab baate?

18. Bohot overacting hai yaar ye!

19. Prem Prem Prem! I know it's Salman Khan without even seeing him.

20. "Prem America se wapas aa rahe hai" and look at Sonali Bendre being so shy!  

Thoughts I Had While Watching Hum Saath Saath Hain 2

21. They are all gushing so much about Prem already. It is the 'Bhai' effect! 

22. There! Jija-saali romancing again on screen! Kinda disturbing if you think about it now!

23. Did they just shame Saif for waking up at 8am? Really? We millennials have no place in this weird world of HSSH!

24. There is that one uncle who wants her daughter to be married into this rich fam. 

25. Why is Karishma Kapoor full of so much energy?

26. And why is she dancing while talking?? STOP IT!

27. Did Alok Nath say that she is 'mehenti' because she helps everyone at home? 

28. Prem is here! Look at Salman - so innocent!

29. Maa ka laadla, Prem! 

30. A shy Sonali Bendre stealing the show again! This woman is gorgeous!

hum saath saath hain

31. "Jahan ladies khana khilayein, wahi ghar ghar hain." And ye hi patriarchy hai!

32. Did he just pour water from a TEAPOT?

33. "Aadat daal lo, ab inhe hi aapko khilana hai Prem bhaiya," - Because it's a woman's job to feed her man :)

34. 50th hug in 10 minutes? Have you guys never seen each other before?

35. If they were a band, it'd be called, 'The Sanskaari Seven'. Get it?

36. A family that prays together, stays together! Okay...

37. Are these three aunties for real? Clearly, they are here to ruin this 'perfect' fam!

38. And what's with this makeup, aunty ji?

39. Aunty ji hitting on another uncle ji?

40. They just spent 15 minutes talking about maa baap ka farz. Kya hai yaar!

Thoughts I Had While Watching Hum Saath Saath Hain 3

41. They are too sweet ya. Just. Too. Sweet. Need me some dark comedy to balance things out!

42. "Yeh toh sach hai ke bhagwan hai" - OVERDOSE!

43. Saif can't play the congo ya SO offbeat!

44. Can a family be so perfect? 

45. Did they agree on the rishta without talking to the guy? Forget women, men don't have to consent either, clearly!

46. Self-pity runs in the family, it seems!

47. "Chhote chhote bhaiyo ke bade bhaiya banenge kisi ke sayian..." What lyrics!

48. This family introduction song is going to take some time. Need a second tub of popcorn.

49. There is so much blushing in one frame. I just can't handle!

50. So much love and appreciation? KYUN?

hum saath saath hain 2

51. Now that's one grand function to welcome the bride.

52. The introduction is still on! WHAAT!

53. That must have been some crazy production cost ya!

54. Isn't it time for the suhaag raat? This family has no concept of private space. Let them bone, you guys.

55. One wedding after the other? This family is balling!

56. Oh the ABCD song :D Tum bhi kaho!

57. Are they all going for the couple's honeymoon? Again, can we let them do each other in peace, please?

58. I want this bus for my vacation too.

59. And the traditional sharmaana again! OH. MY. GOD!

60. And the vamps are back but why is everyone listening to them?

thoughts i had while watching hum saath saath hai  5

61. She's going to throw out the sautela beta for the saga beta. Guys, get a grip. Vivek is an angel!

62. Mum no, don't throw him out. Your other sons will hate you for it. I can feel it!

63. This is too much dramaaaa for me!

64. Looking at your husband with jhuki nazar is being pati-vrata?

65. Aadarshwaadi son leaves the house because sanskaar?

66. Maa ka vachan and all that? But so much for those vamps? WHY?

67. But did he just walk out because he wanted his maa to be happy? NOOO ya!

68. This is such an understanding family though...

69. Look at Prem refusing to get married or take his elder brother's room. Bro goals, man!

70. So, the family just came back together because of the kids!

hum saath saath hain 3

71. Had it been for the mother, they would have fallen apart.

72. Oh, she's pregnant. They finally did get time to bone! So, happy for you guys.

73. Oh, it's the baby! It's the baby!

74. The grandson brought the family together. Sigh! 

75. This family loves to do things together. Cute!

76. All is well that ends well. Right?

77. But there was no drama, to begin with. Just made up drama for three hours.

78. I am exhausted.

79. Why did I sign up for this? Oh yes, my editor.

80. Got I need a few shots of espresso to wake up!

thoughts i had while watching hum saath saath hai 6

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