Raja Ampat: These Hidden Islands In Indonesia Will Make You Forget Bali!

Raja Ampat: These Hidden Islands In Indonesia Will Make You Forget Bali!

Everybody loves Bali. From magnificent mountains to white sand beaches to volcanic hillsides, the island of the Gods is postcard pretty. But there's more to Indonesia if you're willing to venture out a bit. 

A Indonesian friend recently introduced to me a breathtaking group of islands that are not run over with tourists. Raja Ampat has more than 1,500 islands and it lies in the Coral Triangle. From hidden islands to spooky caves and clear blue water, Raja Ampat has it all! I have collected 14 photographs that prove that Raja Ampat is the most underrated, untouched and beautiful archipelago in Indonesia, and it feels like it has come right out of the Disney movie, Moana

1. The islands are a nature's gift to us.

Pianemo Islands  Blue Lagoon with Green Rockes  Raja Ampat  West Papua. Indonesia

Blown away by the hidden lagoons? Wait for it... 

2. Deep blue waters are brimming with marine life.

Raja Ampat

You'll forget about the Maldives when you're here.

3. Magical caves are a reality here.

Caves riddle limestone islands in Raja Ampat  Indonesia. This area has both diverse coral reefs and ancient reefs that are now uplifted islands

You'd love to explore these and indulge in some fantasies.

4. The diversity of its marine habitat will surprise you.

Several dolphins jumping out of the water and diving back into the blue ocean of Raja Ampat

Yep, there are dolphins on these islands.

5. Where else will you find a bamboo hut between some rocks? In Bay, Painemo Island!

Bamboo Hut between some Rocks under Rain in Bay  Painemo Islands  Raja Ampat  West Papua  Indonesia

Unimaginable beauty, that's what you'll see here.

6. You can go snorkelling here and discover the colourful reefs.

shutterstock 163678550

Getting my wetsuit, right now!

7. Raja Ampat has many islets.

Tourists Stand up paddling in Wayag Island Raja Ampat Indonesia January 2016

Wayag Island is on the top of my list, for sure!

8. And the hidden islands continue...

Canoing in Raja Ampat

They are sparsely populated, so you will have utmost privacy.

9. The Fam Islands have remote reefs.

The beautiful islands and colors around Fam Island  Raja Ampats  West Papua  Indonesia

The coral gardens here will make your eyes pop out. Make sure you climb the wooden stairs and watch the views of the lagoon.

10. I don't need any mansions, just a small hut at the White Sand Beach in Raja Ampat would do!

Nipa bamboo Huts at the White Sand beach with palm trees in Raja Ampat  Papua New Guinea  Indonesia 

Yes, the sand is white. 

11. Looks straight out of a movie! 

A gorgeous sunset silhouettes the bow of a ship as it lays at anchor in a remote lagoon surrounded by limestone islands in Raja Ampat  Indonesia

This reminds me of the scene where Maui and Moana go on the long boat journey...

12. They have their own species of bird called the 'Blyth's Hornbill' which is only found in Raja Ampat and Guinea Islands.

Blyth's hornbill %28Rhyticeros plicatus%29. Raja Ampat  West Papua

So, you'll only see that bird there. Birdy, I'm coming!!!

13. The coral reefs here are breathtaking.

shutterstock 151992107

I wouldn't mind being a mermaid here.

14. Beach calling!

shutterstock 554772778

As you may have noticed in the photos, there is lots to do here: from surfing and kayaking to diving and bird watching. If you're like me, you'd be content with soaking the sun on the beach, with a cocktail in hand. If you're planning a trip just like I am, here are some details to help you start.

How to get there: 
You can fly to Sorong in Indonesia’s West Papua province. 

From Sorong, take a taxi to Sorong ferry harbour anda ferry to Waisai (or you can fly if you prefer). There are timings for the ferries so keep that in mind and book your tickets!


Best season:

Plan your trip between May and October. November starts the wet season here.

Where to stay:

There are resorts, bungalows and homestays in Raja Ampat. Misool Eco ResortMansuar Raja Ampat Bungalows and Alter Native Stay are our top picks.

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

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