#StyleNotes: All The Fresh & Fab Ways Your Favourite Celebs Are Wearing Stripes And You Should Too!

#StyleNotes: All The Fresh & Fab Ways Your Favourite Celebs Are Wearing Stripes And You Should Too!

There are broadly two types of clothing... one that you just throw on without giving a second thought, and know it will look good. The other, are the ones that you especially pick out to either add a touch of styling magic to your look or conceal perceived problem areas. A pair of jeans and a tee is just that at the end of the day but a wrap dress... a wrap dress is majorly loved courtesy its feminine silhouette that cinches at just the right place.

But, the one style that women can rely on to give fantastic results are is stripes. They can add length, remove some, accentuate your curves or add the tiniest statement detail, the possibilities are endless. And believe it or not, your favourite celebs seem to have been following up on the same rules for stripes. So we rounded up some of the tricks they are using to wear the style this season!

Take notes people.

1. Bold Verticals Add Length To Your Frame

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Anushka Sharma already stands pretty tall at 5'9". But her choice to go for fitted, matching striped separates accentuates her height and lends a polished result. Perfect for your next work party.  

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2. Pinstripes Slim Down Your Silhouette

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Pinstripes have an exceptional quality of slimming down your silhouette. The slender lines give the illusion of length and focus on the vertical rather than the horizontal, and they accentuate all the right angles. 

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3. Diagonal Stripes Add Body To Your Bottom Half

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If you've got a small frame like Taapsee here, big skirts and baggy pants are already your best friend. Add some diagonal stripes to the mix to really amp up the body in your lower half. 

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4. Top Stripes Balance Your Long Legs

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Long legs are a gift from God but sometimes when you're wearing short shorts or skirts, the length can look awkward. An easy trick is to add some stripes to your top half and balance those long stems.

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5. Light On Dark Stripes Give You Structure

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It's not just the design of stripes that matters, the colour coordination can work wonders too. Light on dark stripes can be moulded into many twists and shapes and they keep the integrity of the fabric intact. 

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6. Side Stripes Can Elongate The Legs

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Earlier we spoke about how you can balance your long legs, this time it's the opposite. Side-striped pants came into the limelight with the athleisure trend and can add fabulous length to your legs.

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7. Equidistant Stripes Give You A Relaxed Fit

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Loving the pyjama trend right now? Invest in some easy-on-the-eyes stripes to achieve that cool relaxed fit you so crave on vacays!

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