This Is The Correct Way Of Stacking Neckpieces. And Yes There Is One!

This Is The Correct Way Of Stacking Neckpieces. And Yes There Is One!

Early 2018 was all about layering... from clothes to bracelets to necklaces, stacking individual pieces on top of each other became a thing. Especially popular with Instagram Street Style, layering and stacking became a rage after fashion girls started to wear the look. While layering your clothes was a seasonal activity, stacking accessories has managed to hang around all year long. 

One major accessory that's ruling this trend is the neckpiece. And believe it or not, there is actually a proper way to do it! We have some ideas from some of our favourite fashion girls on how to pull it off!

1. Watch The Count




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Layering game on point! #thatbohogirl Necklaces @swarovski

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While you can go heavy with more than two neckpieces, do not overdo it to the point where it's all just a bungled mess.

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2. Spacing Matters




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Missing the European summer mornings & the balayage 🌞🙎🏽‍♀️

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Spacing matters, so your necklaces should be layered in varying proportions in order to create a dynamic collection.

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3. Get Creative With The Length

You can either opt for pieces closer to the neck or make a stack out of many varied lengths, the longest one going down till your chest.

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4. Mix & Match Genres

While you might think stacking a bunch of charm necklaces would do the trick, we suggest you mix things up. Pair plain chains with pendants or even neckpieces with stones, the combination will take your accessory game up a few notches.

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5. Err... The Detailing

Be careful about the detailing on each neck piece. Let your minimal pieces sit closest to the neck while the elaborate ones hang lower. 

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