7 Things Girls Who Smell Freakin' Hot Never Do!

7 Things Girls Who Smell Freakin' Hot Never Do!

Women who smell good instantly turn heads wherever they go. They love their bodies and feel great in their skin. Perfumes say a lot about a woman's tastes and personality without having her utter a single word. That's the magic of the scent of a woman! Wonder what makes a woman smell so damn delicious? You've arrived at the right destination. Here are 7 things women who smell freakin' hot never do. 

1. They Don't Like Having Dry Skin

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A smart lady knows that dry skin won't retain fragrances for a long time. On the contrary, perfumes stay for a longer period of time on moisturised and hydrated skin. The smell is stronger and it lasts longer. Thus, before you spray your perfume make sure that you've moisturised first. 

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2. They Don't Spray Perfume In Random Areas

Yep, you read that one right. They don't just spray randomly. They spray smart. On the wrists, at the back of the knees, the inside of the elbow and sides of the neck. They don't just rub the perfume in. They let it set in so that none of the perfume notes goes to waste and fades away. Not to mention that they spray perfume only when their skin is damp. That way, the scent lasts longer. 

3. They Don't Go Days Without Taking A Shower

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Women who smell great know the importance of practising good hygiene. Twice a day, they must take a shower. They ensure that their skin is kept squeaky clean and look fresh at all times. 

4. They Don't Go Unprepared

By unprepared, we mean - they always carry a perfume and a box of mints wherever they go. Smelling good is an empowering feeling for them and hence on most situations, they come prepared.

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5. They Don't Eat Smelly Food

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Having onions and garlic in their food is a big no-no! They rather stick to a bland diet instead of including food that's loaded with spices. Clean eating for them is the way to go! (And even if they binge, they're always carrying extra mints with them)

6. They Don't Shop On Impulse

If it smells good, buy it! WRONG! Wise women take their time before purchasing a perfume. They try on many and don't get fooled by pretty packaging. They take home samples and read reviews. They don't just splurge foolishly. 

7. They Don't Neglect Their Clothes

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Who said only your skin needs to smell good? Your clothes need to smell fresh too! On and off, women who smell good leave their closet's open. They spritz fabric fresheners and wash their clothes with fabric conditioners. 

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