#FutureIsFantastic: These Hi-Tech Hotels Come With Robots, Face Recognition & Sci-Fi Rooms!

#FutureIsFantastic: These Hi-Tech Hotels Come With Robots, Face Recognition & Sci-Fi Rooms!

The hospitality of five-star hotels was already spoiling us silly, but now that the industry has taken over the technology, we're not sure how we'll resist checking in more often. Hotels are welcoming us to an era of hi-tech amenities and we are intrigued. The moment we enter a five-star suite, it lights up, the temperature adjusts itself and Oh My God, that iPad on the bedside table has the food menu. 

Technology in hotels has come from yellow lights to lighting sensors over the years. Seeing what's already available, in the future, we'll be having our buffet dinner under the floating candles at Hogwarts and robots will be in our rooms to serve us everything from our morning tea to late night snacks.

For now, here are a few hotels with hi-tech amenities that will make you feel more excited about spending your bucks.

1. The Hotel Henn-Na, Nagasaki-ken, Japan

1.1 Henn na hotel

1.2 Henn na hotel

Henn-Na is the world's first hotel to have robots as its entire staff. When you check-in or check-out, at the front desk you are greeted by a multi-lingual robot. A robotic arm is present in the cloakroom to store your luggage. The hotel uses a face recognition system to register your details (you don't even need a key, just the room card). BTW the robots who greet you at the front desk, can look like well-dressed hotel staff or a dinosaur or a classic robot that looks like the android icon, so have fun there.  

Image Source: booking.com

2. The Yotel, New York City, New York, United States

3.1 The Yotel  New York City  New York  United States

3.2 The Yotel  New York City  New York  United States

Yotel is one hotel that has used its space not just lavishly but also ergonomically. No inch of this hotel will look wasted, everything has been smartly aligned to serve the guests. The rooms are inspired by the first class seats of an aircraft and that's not even the most impressive part of Yotel.

Here's what's even more impressive: The hotel provides kiosk check-ins and fold-up beds. A robot stores luggage in locked bins and gives you a password i.e. pin code and your last name so you can retrieve your luggage later. The bedrooms have techno walls, optimal Wi-Fi, audio streaming and motion-sensor air-conditioning. It doesn't get cooler than this!

Image Source: yotel.com  

3. The Peninsula Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2.1 The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo  Tokyo  Japan

2.2 The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo  Tokyo  Japan

This charm of Tokyo is traditional and grand in its ways with the most contemporary technology at hand. At The Peninsula, guests indulge in hi-tech perks such as unlimited internet radio with access to more than 3,000 stations, nail polish dryers, mood lighting pads and Skype-compatible wireless phones.

If you were a fan of Pokémon at any point in your life, you'll love this place even more because as an amenity for kids, they offer digitally-interactive Pokémon hunt.       

Image Source: The Peninsula Hotels on YouTube

4. Aloft Cupertino, Cupertino, California, United States

5.1 Aloft Cupertino  Cupertino  California  United States

5.2 Aloft Cupertino  Cupertino  California  United States

This gem from the Marriott is situated in the tech capital of the world, so mindblowing technology is expected. The setup of Aloft Cupertino resembles high-end startup. And of course, there's a robot. A robotic butler is around to distribute the towels on the poolside and room snacks. Plus, the rooms are equipped with Apple TV.  

Image Source: marriott.com

5. Eccleston Square, Pimlico, London, England

4.1 Eccleston Square  Pimlico  London  England

4.2 Eccleston Square  Pimlico  London  England

The Eccleston Square's exterior is historic but rooms are all about technology. Each room has a keypad that controls the music, the lighting, shower walls which have instant frost option, a flat-screen TV that's embedded in the bathroom mirror. It also has an iPad that comfortably offers concierge service with the press of a button in your room. 

Image Source: ecclestonsquarehotel.com 

6. Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel, Shenzhen, China

6.1 Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel  Shenzhen  China

6.2 Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel  Shenzhen  China

6.3 Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel  Shenzhen  China

Say hello to the robotic staff of Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel! Waiters, doormen, front desk attendants, every job here is done by the bots. Neon colours, especially blue lighting, are a common theme here. This minimalistically designed hotel is a sci-fi reality. Here, you don't sleep in rooms but in innovative space station bunks.

Image Source: penghengspacecapsulehotel.com

7. Blow Up Hall 5050, Poznań, Poland

7.1 Blow Up Hall 5050  Pozna%C5%84  Poland

7.2 Blow Up Hall 5050  Pozna%C5%84  Poland

7.3 Blow Up Hall 5050  Pozna%C5%84  Poland

7.4 Blow Up Hall 5050  Pozna%C5%84  Poland

Blow Up Hall 5050 is a paradise for art lovers. The hotel is an interactive work of art with numerous digital art installations. The installation in the lobby blows up the image of the guest through surveillance type shots. The check-in and access to the rooms are done via key sent on an iPhone provided by the hotel. 

Image Source: blowuphall5050.com

Impressive right?! Put all of them on your bucket list and start booking.

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