Beauty School: These 17 Self-Explanatory Beauty Charts Will Up Your Game

Beauty School: These 17 Self-Explanatory Beauty Charts Will Up Your Game

I'd like to think of us ladies as visual creatures! The more we see, the richer the experience. While some of us like to read chunks of information, others prefer to read them from charts and tables. The lazy ones fall into the latter box. I'm one of them. Graphics and tables are so much cooler than plain old' text. For all you laid-back chicas out there, these self-explanatory beauty charts will give you some next level knowledge. You're welcome!

1. You may have many products at home, but do you know which ones to use first? Let this chart be your guide. 

makeup chart face products popxo

2. How much is too much? Here's how much of product you really need to use on your skin. 

makeup chart beauty serving size popxo

3. Need a weekly skincare calendar to get your routine in place? Take a print!

makeup chart skincare calendar

4. Don't pop that zit until you've tried these homemade remedies. 

makeup chart homeremedies for acne popxo

5. Cause every girl needs to know what foundation to use for her skin type!

makeup chart foundation chart for your skin type popxo

6. A complete list of the shelf life of your favourite beauty products. 

makeup chart expiry date

7. Are you all for natural beauty? Here's your guide to decoding a label.

makeup chart beauty product cheat sheet

8. Lipstick for your skin tone, please?

makeup chart lipstick guide popxo

9. How do colour correctors work anyway?

makeup chart colour corrector chart popxo

10. The only fruits you need for glowing skin!

makeup chart for glowing skin food popxo

11. You know those beauty blenders aren't the only makeup sponges, right?

makeup charts types of sponges popxo

12. New to makeup? These tips are gold!

makeup chart makeup for beginners popxo

13. What does your favourite facial oil do for your skin?

makeup chart types of oils popxo

14. Did you know that there is more than 1 type of mascara wand?

makeup chart types of mascara wands popxo
15. Trying to get better at applying eyeshadow? We've got you!


16. Baking your makeup just got easier *Wink*

makeup chart how to bake makeup popxo

17. And lastly, this graphic with different types of buns is something you should take with you to the hair salon!

hair buns 

Images: Pinterest

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