Pay Attention, These Simple Everyday Things Could Be Damaging Your Hair!

Pay Attention, These Simple Everyday Things Could Be Damaging Your Hair!

While people have now started paying attention to skincare, your hair needs a little TLC too. I am sure all of us at some point are guilty of ill-treating our hair. Curling, straightening, colouring and so much more. These though are not everyday occurrences and here we know we are damaging our hair. But hair damage is a lot more inflicting harm on your hair and also cannot be fixed with a Keratin treatment once in a while. There are supremely simple things that we might be doing every day that actually might be damaging to the hair in the long run. 

I am going to list the habits down here, check as you go. If you want long luscious hair, these habits will need to stop!

1. Using the same shampoo as everyone in the house

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Listen, just like people and fingerprints, all of us have different types of hair. It isn't necessary that what works for you would work for someone else and vice-a-versa! Pick your own shampoo for YOUR hair needs. Consult your hairstylist. Instead of asking them for products ask them for the ingredients that would do well for your hair and then go out hunting to pick the best one, in your budget. 

2. Applying too much conditioner

Okay, I am guilty of this one. I have long hair and whenever someone says dime sized I really want to laugh at them. Truth be told, conditioners spread better than shampoo does. So a little bit genuinely does go a long way. Don't think a coin size is enough? That's okay. Start with that, spread it through your ends then take some more ONLY if needed. Build it up and don't let it anywhere near your scalp. 

3. Not using a deep conditioning treatment

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If you're heat styling your hair or are chemically treating it in some way, then THIS is non-negotiable. A deep conditioning treatment like L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Inforcer Masque will ensure that your hair cuticles are ready to take on the damage while repairing itself. 

4. You're rough with your hair right after you wash it

Our hair is the weakest when we've just stepped out of the shower. Don't roughly towel dry your hair and don't try to brush out the tangles immediately. Instead, brush through your hair before you wash it so you don't have as many tangles. Wash them straight instead of messing them up through the bath routine. Finally, wrap your hair in a micro fibre towel or wrap for about 15-20 mins instead of just rubbing it with a towel.

5. You skip heat protectant

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Please don't! Heat damage is the worst thing you could inflict on your hair. The least you could do is protect them before and after the heat. ALSO, try and use a cooler setting on your heat tools when you can. 

6. You miss haircut appointments

Just a while ago I wrote about why your hairstylists insist on getting a trim once every 4 weeks (read it here). But basically the longer you wait the more split your hair gets and the more damaged your ends are. Seriously, unless you want to wake up one day with no other option than to get a bob, just make the monthly trim sesh a routine.

Just listen to what your hair needs and ask your stylist questions, they know what they're doing!

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