The Hook: This New Sex Position Is A Rage & You Must Try It Tonight!

The Hook: This New Sex Position Is A Rage & You Must Try It Tonight!

Just like fashion, food and beauty, even sex has trends that are constantly changing. And it always helps to keep up to date with them - you can spice things up in the bedroom this way. In fact, it is better to constantly experiment. Adding a little pizzazz to your sex life can change so many things about your relationship that it is absolutely crazy! So, we're back to add some to your life with the sex position of the year that'll totally drive you two nuts!

Aaaaand the sex position of the year award goes to... 'The Hook'. So, what exactly is this one? It's easy to explain, really. Just like missionary except with a twist. The hook makes the missionary position more intimate and a LOT better. All you need to do is just raise your legs in the air and rest your calves or ankles on his shoulders as you lie on your back and he's on top. It might be a little difficult when you start because it requires a bit of flexibility but once you're in it, you will totally love the passion and proximity of the whole act.

the hook

What makes this position so great? For starters, deeper penetration. With your legs in the air, there will be deeper penetration and it'll increase the chances of G-Spot stimulation by a margin. Experts suggest that for better stimulation, you should cross your legs behind his neck. This will make the vaginal cavity tighter and in fact, will also help make the man feel more endowed than he is. What a win!

The only downside though? If you're anything like me and have a bit from belly fat from all the lazing around and potato chips, you might want to stretch a little bit before you begin. But trust me, it's a small one compared to the pros!

So, try this one out and tell us if you're 'hook'ed! *wink* 

Image: The Sun

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