9 Rules To Make Your Car Sex Session A Really Smooth Ride

9 Rules To Make Your Car Sex Session A Really Smooth Ride

You know those times when lust suddenly takes over all other emotions and you can think about nothing else but taking your man right there and then? Yeah, we've had our share of those moments too! A car is an amazing location for surprise sex sessions because of its close quarters and semi-privacy (the thrill of being discovered always heightens your excitement). But just like anything else, your car sex sessions have a few ground rules too! We've listed them all out to make it a less bumpy ride (pun intended). 

1. Be Very Careful

You don't want people to report you to the police for indecency now, do you? So, park your car in a safe spot that hides what's happening inside. Evening time or night is always better. You don't want to feed any random person's voyeuristic tendencies by flashing them.

car sex 1

2. Your Choice Of Outfit Is So Important

Jeans, jumpsuits and rompers are all pretty bad choices if you're going to be having sex in the car later. Imagine removing them all and wearing it again later. Skirts or dresses are your best bets because you can quickly fix them if someone walks in mid-session. Chances are that you wouldn't plan it and it'll be an impromptu decision, but think about it anyway when you're getting ready for your date.

3. Backseats Are Better

Obviously. There's more space there! Plus, you can easily switch positions, go down on each other, essentially do whatever you want. Pro-tip: Spooning and scissoring work best in car backseats. Think about it.

4. It's Quickie Time

Despite what numerous movies like Titanic taught you, car sex is all about being quick and efficient. You cannot be spending hours on the side of a dimly-lit road, making out. It is very unsafe and dangerous. Be in and out of there in minutes, dude!

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5. Ride Him!

If you're in a hurry and have no time to go in the back seat, front seat does the job pretty well too. Just push the seat all the way back and get on top of him. Straddle him as your skirt is bunched up on your waist and set the tone for him as well. Sometimes, nothing is better than taking control and being on top!

6. Never Remove All Your Clothes

Never, EVER remove all your clothes while having sex in the car. It's high risk! If someone comes knocking, you can quickly dress and step out of the car. If you end up getting rid of every item of clothing, imagine the embarrassment.

7. Size Matters...

... of the car! Imagine you two trying to fit yourself in a really tiny hatchback with no leg space and minimal space to manoeuvre. Sounds like a nightmare! If you plan on having sex in the car, take the bigger one. And if it's spontaneous, well, god help you!

car sex 3

8. Mood Settings Are The Best

Just because you are in the car and it's a quickie does not mean you can't put on some sexy music to set the mood. Also, put the AC on full blast because once things get hot and heavy, you'll thank heavens for the air conditioning. 

9. Use The Car Well 

A car, in no way, restricts your ability to get kinky. Do you know the seatbelt can totally be used as a bondage tool? Belt him to the seat and you go down on your knees to show him heaven. Bonus tip: If you have a scarf, you can even tie his hands with the headrest. So much fun, right?

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