4 Reasons Why You Have Hair Around Your Belly Button & The Best Way To Get Rid of Them

4 Reasons Why You Have Hair Around Your Belly Button & The Best Way To Get Rid of Them

Having hair on your belly is pretty common for some ladies. There's honestly nothing to be ashamed of. Some women have hair on their breasts, around their nipples, on their back, chin and buttcheeks! It's all normal. If you're curious to know how your body works and what causes hair to grow around and on your belly, especially underneath your belly button, read on to find out!

Reasons For Belly Button Hair

1. The Power Of Genetics

Like it or not, but genetics play a huge role in forming your body. Identical facial features, height, body structure can be gotten from a parent. Not to forget body hair is also one of them. It all depends on the dominant gene, of course! If one of your parents has a thick hair growth, you're more likely you get thick body hair too. 

2. It Might Be Hirsutism...

Wait! Don't freak out, yet. Hirsutism sounds scary, but it's not. It's to do with women growing hair where men usually do. Usually on their face, chin and back. You put an end to this excessive hair growth with the help of medication, laser treatment or electrolysis. There are plenty of options to choose from.

3. You Could Have PCOS!

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is rare and only 10% of women have them. Irregular periods and excessive body hair growth are the symptoms. You must check with a gynaecologist to get clarity of your own. 

4. False Alarm - It's Just A Hormone Change

It usually happens due to periods, pregnancy and even due to hormonal changes triggered by diet and contraceptives too. This could mess up your hormone levels and boosts body hair growth. 

If it still bothers you, here's how you can get rid of hair around your belly button. 

1. Shave It!

It's quick, it's easy and it's simple. Shave when your belly is wet and apply mild soap before you do the deed. Wash the area with warm water and don't forget to moisturise after. 

2. Hello, Waxing

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Before you wax, exfoliate your tummy first. Then get it waxed at a salon (only if you're experienced do it at home) Waxing is slightly painful, but it gives long-term results and keeps your skin smooth and soft. 

3. Make Most Of Laser Hair Removal

The laser treatment is expensive but worth it. You may be required to go for multiple sessions, but the results last longer than any other hair removal method. 

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