Take 2: POPxo Sexpert Answers Your Commonly Asked Questions On The App!

Take 2: POPxo Sexpert Answers Your Commonly Asked Questions On The App!

After the amazing response I got last month, I decided to make answering your sex questions on the POPxo app a regular feature. As a POPxo Sexpert, I believe that there are no stupid questions when it comes to sex. So, all of you can feel free to shoot me as many questions as you want and they can all be answered. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone it was you who asked me the question! *wink*

So, here we go!

What is the discharge that is seen often on our underwear? Is it normal?

Vaginal discharge before your period is totally normal if it is white or clear. This happens when the ovaries release the egg, so it is absolutely okay to see it. However, if the discharge is yellow, has a cottage cheese consistency or has a fishy smell, you should get it checked!

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I often question my sexuality and think maybe I am bisexual. I've had a few relationships with men in the past and a  good sex life but I'm still interested in girls. What do I do?

Sexuality is a fluid concept and your preferences change over time. Plus, the very definition of bisexuality is being attracted to both the sexes. So, while it is easier said than done, embrace yourself and your choices. Men and women are both beautiful and it is totally okay to be attracted to both. From where I see it, it only increases your dating pool. 

My boyfriend is insisting on having anal sex but I'm really afraid of the pain. Any tips for first-timers?

First things first, you only need to go along with the things that feel okay to you. If your boyfriend is insisting on it but you aren't convinced, you DON'T have to do it. However, if you yourself are into it, here are a few things to remember - you need to use lube! LOTS OF LUBE! Also, relax! If you tense up, everything will just become a little harder. Relax those muscles, girl!

My boyfriend wants me to take more control during sex. How can I do that?

Simply by taking control. Get on top of him once in a while or initiate sex. Men love women who can take charge in the room. It makes them feel wanted. I'll also link to an article so you know exactly what to do. 

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My man ejaculated on my genitals and boobs after protected sex. Am I going to be pregnant?

As long as he's ejaculated on your boobs, you are in a safe zone. But if he ejaculates near your lady parts, you could be in trouble. Even though the chances of you being pregnant this way are EXTREMELY low, since sperm cannot survive outside the body for too long, it is possible. If the semen got on either of your hands and you touched your vagina with it, it is dangerous territory. 

Is there a chance I could be pregnant if there was no penetration?

Again, yes, it is possible. If he ejaculates near your vagina, his erect penis comes in contact with your vagina or if you or your partner have pre-ejaculate or semen on your fingers, there is a chance, albeit very low, that you could be pregnant.

How do I please my man without having sex?

Sex does not just consist of penetrative sex - it is a wide variety of acts covered under one term. There is so much you can do to please your man that does not include penetrative sex. From teasing to dirty talk to a handjob to oral sex, foreplay is the word. 

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