This DIY 3-Ingredient Mask Will Help You Get The *Smoothest* Shave Ever!

This DIY 3-Ingredient Mask Will Help You Get The *Smoothest* Shave Ever!

You know that feeling after you touch your legs after a sesh of shaving, scrubbing and moisturising? That silky smooth, baby bottom-like feeling? Yes. Bliss! But if you shave your body regularly, you're definitely not a stranger to razor bumps and ingrowth that stops you from enjoying this feeling! Well, we have a solution to this problem that you can whip up in your kitchen WITH JUST THREE INGREDIENTS!




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This 3-ingredient mask and scrub will make sure you never have razor bumps again. 


2 cups Oats

2 cups Yoghurt

4 tbsp Honey

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Mix oats, honey and yoghurt together in a bowl. 

Apply it generously all over your arms or legs while massaging in an upward direction.

Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then wipe it off with a washcloth in the upward direction. 

Then use regular shaving foam on your legs or arms and shave downwards. 

That's it!

Basically, oats act as a natural exfoliator. Yoghurt mixed with honey hydrates your skin while opening up your pores enough for you to get a smoother shave. Together they lock in the moisture while getting rid of the dry skin that could be hindering your shaving process. 

Will you try out this DIY homemade mask?

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