#MyStory: I Touched Myself While He Was Inside Me!

#MyStory: I Touched Myself While He Was Inside Me!

Whenever the conversation, in my girl gang, shifted to a sex-related topic, the underlying theme was always about how important it is in a relationship.

And honestly, I totally agree. Sex not only brings two people close to each other but also makes sure that they are really really comfortable being around and with each other. Thankfully, in my case, my partner and I feel the same way about sex. But things were not always this easy. It took us time, moments and a couple of instances to get this comfy with each other. One of those important instances actually completely changed the way we both looked at sex.

Before I start, I should tell all the women that it's okay to want to climax everytime you have sex. I mean why should boys have all the fun? While having sexual intercourse is a sure shot way for a man to climax, it is not the same for every woman. In fact, a lot of women do not climax every time they have sex. Unless there is hardcore oral involved. Vaginal sex does not guarantee orgasms, which is why a lot of couples indulge in oral. Orgasms through clitoral stimulation are the best when it comes to helping a woman climax. That's why women can come every time they touch themselves, they know exactly which buttons to press (And there is nothing wrong with that). I, just like every other woman, like to climax especially during sex as it adds to the physical intimacy I share with my partner.

When I Touched Myself While He Was Inside Me

So, one fine afternoon when both of us were on a day off, we decided to have a couple of sangrias in the day. We watched a movie and snuggled with a little more wine. One thing led to the other and we ended up making out with each other. We felt so turned on that we decided to have sex. We were both tipsy and so very turned on. 

As he entered me, I was so aroused. Like a lot. But even though I was really turned on, I could not feel the orgasm coming. It was close, but it was not there. We were in the spooning position and he was penetrating me from behind. This is when it struck me that I should touch myself. So, I did. I rubbed my clit while he was taking me from behind. Since I was already SO turned on, I orgasmed not just once, but thrice in that one session. Trust me, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

As for my boyfriend, he had never seen me like this before and thought that it was one of the hottest things he's ever seen. In fact, he later confessed that he loved the fact that we both orgasmed together. In short, I discovered one trait about men that day - they like to see women enjoy the sex as much as they do and it makes them feel hotter about that moment. 

We have now started talking about sex and the things we can do in order to make it better. Now that we found one, we hope to find many more such ways.

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