Here's Everything You Need To Know About Applying Makeup After You're 30

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Applying Makeup After You're 30

Be it skincare or makeup, beauty routines are constantly evolving. But the biggest transformation that your makeup routine goes through is when you get to the other side of 30. Be it the way you do it, to the steps or the products, your makeup and skincare changes face through the decades. Skincare starts taking precedence over makeup in this decade of your life. A solid skincare routine will definitely make sure that your makeup sits better. So that definitely is the first change, then comes the makeup.

We have here a few makeup tips and tricks for women over 30 to get their makeup right. Also for women just going into their 30s, this would be ideal to help you transition your routine. 

Shall we?

1. You can no longer skip a primer.

Primer is an imperative step now. As you age the appearance of pores on your skin starts becoming more prominent. This could hinder your makeup application. In short, a primer is non-negotiable.

2. Introduce yourself to basic colour correction.

By the time you reached this decade of your life, there are some marks and pigmentation stains that will now become a part of your skin. Your skin also tends to regenerate a little slower now. Which means if you have dark circles there's a chance they might show up a little more prominently on your skin. Invest in a basic colour correction palette and use it when you need proper coverage. (Here's a handy guide if you'd like to explore this option)

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3. Mix foundation with argan oil.

Argan oil has the right combination of Vitamin E and fatty acids that your skin required. Mixing 2 drops in your base would ensure your foundation glides on better and your skin benefits from it a little more. Mix skincare into makeup every chance you get once you cross 30. Buy it here.

4. Relax your face.

Lines are a way of life once you enter this decade of your life. This is the time when you have to learn to relax your face. This, even while applying your makeup. If you do that you will definitely notice that your makeup goes on more smoothly and gives you a creaseless finish. Lines are a real thing and they won’t go away with relaxing your face but will definitely help them from getting deeper. 

5. Start carrying tweezers in your bag.

Hair growth on the face becomes a little abnormal at this time. So just in case, you spot something you can just pluck that extra long hair that shows up on your chin or cheek.

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6. Open up the eyes with a nude eyeliner pencil.

Avoid lining the waterline with kohl. The black will make your eyes look more gaunt and deep set. Opt for lighter shades on the waterline like Innisfree Always New Auto Liner No.7 (Rs 700)

7. Avoid glitter pigment.

Glitter pigments have these minute particles that tend to settle into the lines sometimes drawing attention to them. Try and avoid glitter if you can. 

Hope these tips help upgrade your makeup routine. 

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