Can't Keep Away From Wearing All-Black? Let Kangana Show You How To Make It Work!

Can't Keep Away From Wearing All-Black? Let Kangana Show You How To Make It Work!

Kangana Ranaut has many feathers in her cap...the poster child of women empowerment films and an opinionated celebrity (unlike others) is an inspiration to many. But since we're talking about fashion, let's focus on the fact that she's also everybody's travel style muse. Her recent airport look is an absolute triumph when it comes to an all-black ensemble.

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Some might say pairing a suede bum bag with a textured black dress is a bad idea, it's so matchy-matchy that you might just miss it. But the logo is hard to miss. Not to mention her brown sunglasses with a coloured rim and lens, perfectly complement her messy brown bun on top!

As for the heels, oh the heels! Here's a close look at what the shoes look like:

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The patent leather Prada stilettos are a classic piece from the brand and a great lesson on how to jazz up your all-black ensemble.

We want what Kangana has: the ability to make a monotone black look pop with colours here and there. So, here are some awesome accessories on a budget, inspired by Kangana's travel style, to pair with your LBDs. 

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A Textured Bum Bag

2 prada

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Brow Line Sunglasses

3 prada

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Pop Colour Stilettos

4 prada

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