I Have To Confess I Was Wrong About Liquid Lipsticks...

I Have To Confess I Was Wrong About Liquid Lipsticks...

I think the first time I tried using a liquid lipstick was just when I'd just started out as a Beauty Writer. The formula was so bad (I won't name the brand) that it smeared around my lip area giving me a clown-like appearance and a bias against liquid lipsticks.

Over the years, I passed on all pressies down to my colleagues, telling them I'll never apply liquid lipstick. Kylie's lip kit came and I have to say it piqued my curiosity but unfortunately, they didn't deliver to India at that time. (Yes, Kylie cosmetics delivers to India NOW.)

It was when HUDA Beauty came to India, that I applied the iconic Bombshell for a Facebook live. My awkwardness in the front of the camera was replaced with excitement and surprise at how liquid lipsticks were not half bad. In fact, it was pretty good.

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In the five years, I'd ignored liquid lipsticks, the formulas had become much better. They no longer stuck to my hair for one. Plus there was so much more variety in terms of textures: matte, soft matte, velvet and even satin.

Then I tried my colleague's Maybelline Super Ink Matte Lipstick and was floored. Not only was it the perfect nude for Indian skin tones but it lasted through the day.

I'm slowly using fewer bullet lipsticks and moving towards liquid lipsticks.

Here are a few things to remember...

1. Since I have lips that dry out very quickly, I usually stay away from matte formulas. I'm consciously picking soft matte lipsticks or a cool velvet finish

2. Glossy formulas still tend to smear and feather out of the lip area so I usually avoid them when it's very humid. If I really want to wear a glossy lip, I first apply a regular creme lipstick and top it up with a liquid lipstick. Sometimes, a little bit of it on the Cupid's Bow also works.

3. Like my base, I take my time to apply my liquid lipstick. Try to use small strokes to stay within the lines. Seal with blotting paper/tissue and loose powder.

4. Another thing that helps avoid feathering is a concealer. Since my base is already done, the lip area already has a layer of foundation and keeps the formula intact.

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