Here's Everything You Need To Know About Hairstyling Tools!

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Hairstyling Tools!

The more the options, the more the confusion. When it comes to hairstyling tools, there are just too many buckets and too many elements to bear in mind. While I can't narrow it down to the one product, I can break things down for you. So here's everything you need to know about heat styling tools!

Blow Dryers

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This has become a sort of an essential especially today when we are washing our hair at odd hours and need to dry them before we sleep or step out. Ionic hair dryers are your best bet. It basically means that the dryer generates negative ions, that neutralize positively charged hair to prevent frizz. It also reduces drying time so less exposure to heat damage. Make sure you pick one that has various temperature settings and try and use the cool setting as much as you can. Also, you can get the different hair attachments that would suit different needs. 

My pick: Roots Professional Sonic HD22 Hair Dryer, Rs 2,100

Straightening Iron

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The element to look for here would be ceramic or tourmaline. Ceramic is ionic in nature and it ensures even heat distribution. So when your hair comes in contact directly with the plates, it isn't damaged as much. The size should depend on your requirement and hair density. If you have thin or fine hair then go with a thinner iron, which will help you iron in small sections and won't burn your hair. If you have thick hair, go for one with a larger plate, that will take less time and it will also accommodate bigger sections. 

My pick: Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener With Keratin Ceramic Coating, Rs 2,399

Curling Iron

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Again the material to look for here is tourmaline and ceramic. Ceramic irons are usually long-lasting. The ones with tourmaline just have a coating which would eventually wear off. My personal favourite curling iron is usually the 1 or 1.5-inch barrel curling iron. I prefer having effortless beachy waves and large curls over tight ones. If you like tight curls then go for a narrower wand. You can also just get a larger barrel if those are the curls that you usually opt for and use your flat iron and some tight braids to give you tighter curls. 

My pick: Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron 1 1/2-Inch, Rs 1,811; Havells HC4031 Chopstick Hair Curler, Rs 1,799

Straightening Brush


This is for the ones who like to straighten their hair on a regular basis. This brush, usually made out of ceramic, distributes the heat and reduces heat damage. It basically gives you straight hair quicker than a hair iron. But it doesn't usually give a poker straight look. So it is more natural almost like a salon blow dry. 

My pick: Kent KS08 Grooming & Straightening Brush for Thick and/or Wet Hair, Rs 1,899; Bronson Professional Simply Straight / Straight Artifact Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush, Rs 700


This is a heat styling tool and was BIG in the 90s but not so much now. This basically gives your hair close-knit dents that make your hair look curly and big without any actual curling. I don't think anyone buys this as a stand-alone tool but a lot of the straighteners have this attachment. 

There you have it. I hope this helps you make the right choice!

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