Round, Square or Squoval...Here's What Your Nail Shape Says About Your Personality

Round, Square or Squoval...Here's What Your Nail Shape Says About Your Personality

At a subconscious level, our nails speak volumes about our personality. Be it oval, square, round, there's more to them than just their shape. If you ever felt the urge to know more about yourself, sit back and let your nails reveal the rest. Here are 8 of the most common nail shapes, which one is yours?

1. Oval


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You're a sweet person to talk to. Like your nails, you like to keep your home neat and tidy. People love you because you're charming and friendly. You're not a high maintenance girl. Just a simple woman with a taste for classic hues. 

2. Ballerina 

A sassy lady who knows her worth, you don't settle for less than you deserve. You also know how to take care of yourself and you do so with such grace and patience. 

3. Stiletto 


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If your life were a movie, you would probably be Regina George from 'Mean Girls'! You have spunk, charisma and style. You're so sure of who you are that it makes some girls envious of your confidence. 

4. Almond

Girl, you've got class and you know it! You're the kind of person who doesn't do many jobs, but the ones you personally take up, you manage to ace them. You like coming up with solutions to problems and you're very dedicated to your job. 

5. Squoval

You have a tough time making decisions, but when you do, there's no turning back. Most people think you are naive, but you're not. You're intelligent and wise. You only use your superpower when the world least expects it from you. 

6. Lipstick

At first, many people may think that you're different, but truth is, you are. The world is not ready for you yet! You think out of the box and you couldn't care about what people think about you. You are your own person and that's all that matters. 

7. Flare


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You make heads turn when you walk into a room. That's because you're awesome and so stylish! You stand out from the crowd and people find your personality addictive. You are also a style inspiration for many.

8. Square

A no-fuss girl is who you are. You are kind, genuine and full of optimism. People can be themselves when they're around you. You make them laugh, you make feel loved. Everything about you is just lovely. 

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