These 3 Hair Hacks To Get More Volume Are Going To Change Your Life Forever!

These 3 Hair Hacks To Get More Volume Are Going To Change Your Life Forever!

According to Sarah Angius, there's not just 1, but 3 hair hacks to get thick, voluminous hair! With the help of styling tools and clip-in hair extensions, any girl can get beautiful, dreamy locks. I mean, big hair is the trend of the season (Even baby, Chanco and Mia Afalo would agree too!) and during the monsoons, hair usually becomes flat and limp. I think it's the perfect time to play around with your locks. Take a peek!

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1. The first thing she does is uses a heat protectant spray to protect hair from heat damage. She then uses two products - a blowdryer and a brush. You'll notice that she starts from the bottom and makes her way to the top. She finished the blow dry with cold air to maintain the volume all day long.

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2. The next method she tries is using clip-in hair extensions. Depending on how much of the volume you want, you can add the extensions accordingly.

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3. Last but not the least, she permed her hair using a curling wand. Compared to both methods, this one takes the longest to wrap up. But, the curls are so worth it!

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As for me, the first hack is a great tip since it works for both straight and curly haired women.

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