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Gym Etiquette: 16 Unwritten Rules You're Probably Breaking Right Now!

Gym Etiquette: 16 Unwritten Rules You're Probably Breaking Right Now!

I wake up at 5 am to reach my gym in the next one hour and the moment I enter, it smells fresh, looks clean and feels calm. However, on the days I miss my morning session and enter the gym after work hours, my face drops. Why? Because it is a mess. That forgotten sweaty towel on the treadmill has been there for at least half-an-hour and now, I have to put my fresh towel on top of it because I wouldn't want to touch it, would I? Sometimes, I waste 10 minutes looking for the other piece of the 5 kg dumbbell set because some dude left it under the abdominal bench. And I know you've had similar experiences because it's the story of every gym-next-door.

In the long run, out of courtesy towards fellow gym members, one must adopt a few healthy habits. So here are a few gym etiquettes you must follow!

1. Use earphones for your music.

2. Wash your gym clothes and towels, regularly.

3. Once you're done using the weights, put them back where they belong.   

4. Do NOT stare at other members, you will make them feel conscious.

5. Give everyone adequate space to warm up and exercise. Avoid overcrowding. 

5 girl and guy stretching in the gym 

6. Avoid giving uninvited advice, it may make some people uncomfortable.

7. Even if you don't sweat too much, wipe the benches and machines you use.

8. In a crowded gym, avoid selfies as there's a possibility other patrons will unknowingly end up becoming a part of your selfie. Everyone isn't comfortable with that kind of exposure!

9. Show respect for the gym staff, rules and equipment. 

10. Don't drop your dumbbells, bend down and place them gently.

10 girl using dumbbells 

11. Don't hog a machine for too long. 

12. Be respectful of your trainers, don't keep them waiting and reach on time for group classes.

13. Do not leave your wet towel on the floor, after bathing. 

14. Workout in the right zone. Do core exercises in the machine-free zone, don't go and stand close to a treadmill while using weights. You may end up hurting others!

15. Avoid using your phone while exercising. Chatting on a treadmill is doing you no good, it's only distracting you.  

15 taylor swift running on a treadmill 

16. Take responsibility for your own locker. Keep it clean!

Keep these etiquettes on your tips and you'll be the best gym buddy anyone has ever had! Now get up and give me five more situps. *Wink*

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Published on Sep 4, 2018
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