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This Cheap And Easy DIY Remedy Gets Rid Of Blackheads, But Does It Really Work?

This Cheap And Easy DIY Remedy Gets Rid Of Blackheads, But Does It Really Work?

Here's the deal, kitchen remedies are totally gaining precedence over store bought products in everyone's skincare routines. It is understandable because it's like formulating your own regime where you know what everything is made up of. I've been hearing this thing about a DIY blackhead removal mask with egg whites and tissues. This was right around the time when people started putting PVC glue and charcoal on their faces (seriously DO NOT do this at home!). Egg whites caught my fancy because I couldn't help but wonder if it really works. 

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So let's break it down!





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Whisk some egg whites in a bowl (1 or 2 depending on the areas of the face you'd like to cover)

Use an old brush to slather on a layer of the whisked egg white on areas of your face like nose and cheeks. 

Take some regular tissue paper or kitchen roll, tear it up into pieces and place it on the egg whites. 

Then add another layer of egg white to hold the paper in place and let it harden. 

Pull it off as you would with any other pore strip and you should see a difference. 

Why does this one work?

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Egg whites are rich in bacteria that stop acne from appearing. The protein content in the egg, in turn, tightens your pores. This stops the sebum that creates blackhead to seep back into your skin. The protein also prevents wrinkles form surfacing on your skin. This is why this mask is a favourite. 

Before doing this mask you could put a hot towel on your face to open up your pores.

After you're done, apply some tea tree oil to the areas where you had this mask on, to heal the skin even further. 

Would I use it?

Honestly, a lot of people are okay with using egg whites in their skincare and haircare routines but I find the scent absolutely revolting. So for me, the scent and the residue would be enough to keep the egg off my face and leave it in my cake. But if you're okay with it, please go ahead and try it.

For the others like me, here are some pore cleansing strips that you can get!

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HipHop Charcoal Forehead, Nose & Chin Strips - Blackhead Remover, Rs 135

Charcoal Nose Mask - Blackheads Removal Strip, Rs 293

Tony Moly Egg Pore Nose Pack(Pack of 7), Rs 859

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Published on Sep 12, 2018
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