Does Sex Get Better With Age? Team POPxo Tells You If Future Will Be Sextastic!

Does Sex Get Better With Age? Team POPxo Tells You If Future Will Be Sextastic!

Sex is like wine - it gets better with age. While that is something that I feel, many people don't really agree with me. Some assume that sex takes a backseat as the years pass and some feel that practice makes you perfect. This debate is SO interesting that I actually thought of asking team POPxo about to tell me what they think. Read on to know what they feel about it!

1. My partner and I understand each other better now

"I feel like sex just like all other things in life requires practice and time. I still remember when I first started having regular sex in college, my best friend asked me "Did you orgasm?" I gave her a blank expression saying I don't know what an orgasm feels like, I may have had one but I don't know. Smiling she said to me, "If you don't know, that means you haven't had an orgasm." Cut to now, I've understood my own body and hence can guide my partner also to get to know my body. And once that happens, it's obvious that sex will improve. Instead of doing it just for the sake of banging, sex may happen less frequently, but I believe that quality is always over quantity."

Does Sex Get Better With Age  We Ask Team POPxo 1

2. I have become more comfortable and direct now...

"I was a bit shy in my early 20s. You know the feeling, you're still getting to know your body and I think that's why I was a bit hesitant about it. Over the years, I think I've become more comfortable and direct in talking about sex and doing it, too."

3. May not do it that often but we are doing it good!

"Sex is just like a sport - it gets better with practice. I remember the first time I had sex, I obviously enjoyed myself but honestly, didn't know all the right moves. Now that I have been at it for such a long time, I have gotten so much better at it. Not just that, I am being able to talk about it more freely too. So, yeah, it has gotten better and more mature with age. We may not do it that often because of the lack of time but are definitely doing it good when we're doing it!"

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4. Making it fun with time...

"It definitely gets better with age for a lot of reasons - you understand your body and your needs better, are less conscious about your body and are more open to trying new things with your partner, making it fun!"

5. It has definitely made me more confident

"I was the one to hide under the sheets and preferred doing it in the dark, but now I have become more open about sex. My insecurities have died down a considerable amount and I am definitely enjoying it so much more. I have let go of the things that made me feel like I have a flaw and am enjoying every moment of it. So, yeah, having sex for years has made me more comfortable in my own skin."

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6. Sex is sexy at any age!

"Sex at every age has something new and interesting to offer. So, I don't think that sex has anything to do with age. It's more about whom you do it with. When you go from having sex in a causal relationship to having sex with someone you actually love, it just gets better!"

7. I'm not that shy anymore

"Sex definitely gets better with age and time, especially in women. Women stop shying away in terms of what they expect and ask for what they like in bed since they understand their bodies better. By shedding inhibitions with time, women take charge of their sex lives."

Does Sex Get Better With Age  We Ask Team POPxo

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