8 Totes That Double Up As A Style Statement Because It's Time To Say No To Plastic!

8 Totes That Double Up As A Style Statement Because It's Time To Say No To Plastic!

A plastic bag takes 1000 years to decompose, and yet most of us throw them away after a single use. If I do manage to reuse them, they barely last and often make a home at the corner of some sad alley. I often ponder over this and feel guilty about later. 

A few months ago, Mumbai made the wise decision of banning the use of plastic bags in the city because of the ecological and environmental harm it was causing. This decision escalated my guilt every time a general store or my local vegetable vendor gave me my groceries in a plastic bag. Because in both the cities I reside in, Delhi and Chennai, there is no ban on the use of plastic. 

Instead of carrying heavy groceries in flimsy plastic bags, I finally made the conscious decision of taking along my own cloth tote bag every time I step out to shop. This also gave me the chance to turn my grocery shopping bag into a style statement. Here are my top picks of easy to use totes that will double up as quirky accessories.  

1. Avacardio Cuteness

01 grocery bag

This canvas bag is the perfect pick for those on-the-run shopping sessions when you need to pick up eggs or milk before you reach home. It is foldable and would easily fit into your office bag for emergency situations. 

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here

2. Orange Punch  

02 grocery bag

Cute and quirky, POPxo Shop's blood orange tote bag will definitely make you stand out at the checkout line. 

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here

3. Girl Power 

03 grocery bag

Make a statement with this orange canvas bag, no one would guess that you're probably just carrying a dozen greek yogurt cups inside. 

Price: Rs 433. Buy it here

4. Minimalist & Bold

04 grocery bag

For the strong, independent woman who is winning the world, one instant noodle packet at a time.      

Price: Rs 284. Buy it here

5. Go Bananas 

05 grocery bag

Just a little something to match your favourite fruit, it's time to take OOTD up a notch with this crazy yet sturdy banana print tote bag. 

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here

6.  Bookaholic

06 grocery bag

Can't wait for your nerd to show? The perfect bag for the bookaholic who can't get enough of that old book smell. 

Price: Rs 696. Buy it here

7. One Love

07 grocery bag

Get your pride on and scandalise the old ladies at your local grocery store. Because love is love, regardless of your preferences. 

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here

8. Love The Environment 

08 grocery bag

Say 'I love you' to nature with this canvas tote bag, perfect for your everyday errands. 

Price: Rs 269. Buy it here

Get shopping, ladies! 

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