These Are The Comfortable Heels That Your Favourite Celebs Wear ALL The Time

These Are The Comfortable Heels That Your Favourite Celebs Wear ALL The Time

Women collectively may have a love/hate relationship with heels, but every individual woman will have a different take on this style. Regardless, there are a few heel styles that are comparatively comfier. Rest assured that you will be able to stay in them for a major part of the day, without worrying about finding a place to sit, every two minutes!

While this stays true for us mere mortals, celebs seem to be no different. We dug around a little and spotted a few heeled shoes that they have chosen to rock on more than one occasion. They are stylish and comfortable, the reason why we think they deserved a repeat wear. We rounded up some of these celeb-approved styles right here and found you some similar styles on a budget as well! 

1. Priyanka's Favourite Boots

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There is a fine line between comfortable boots and the ones that feel like you have a Boa constrictor wrapped around your legs. But chained ankle boots ride the better part of that line in the most fashionable way. Priyanka agrees!

POPxo Recommends: Black Block Heeled Boots (Rs 3,900)

2. Esha's Block Heeled Pumps

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Block heels give you the freedom to let your body loose as compared to pencil ones that require more attention and control on your part. We surely can wear these to work all day and not even think about it. 

POPxo Recommends: Pewter Round Toe Pumps (Rs 3,600)

3. Yami's Strappy Sandals

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So comfy that you can sleep in it? Strappy sandals hug your feet in the best way possible and keep the shoe in place. This makes it easier to walk in for long hours while you are out dancing the night away.

POPxo Recommends: Textured Strappy Stilettos (Rs 4,224)

4. Alia's Pointed Toe Pumps

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If you are going to invest in stilettos, pick the pointed toe ones. But make sure you have the right size on!

POPxo Recommends: BCBGeneration Textured Black Stilettos (Rs 2,695)

5. Huma's Chunky Platforms

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Do we even need to say this? Platforms are easily one of the comfiest heels out there. Add some colour blocking to it and you have the perfect set of heels for a casual day out. 

POPxo Recommends: Strappy Platform Sandals with Buckle Closure (Rs 1,889)

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