Fountain of Youth: 6 Celebs Who Naturally Have Fresh And Glowing Skin

Fountain of Youth: 6 Celebs Who Naturally Have Fresh And Glowing Skin

These ladies may have 99 problems, but glowing skin ain't one of them! Blessed with good genes, these women are proof that glowing, healthy skin goes a long way. So a consistent skincare routine and as well as a healthy diet play an important role. Plus, if you notice, they hardly wear any makeup. Who are these beauties, you ask? Scroll down to find out!

1. Ananya Panday



No kajal, no liner, no contouring - Ananya is a natural beauty. The only makeup product she has on is probably a tinted lip balm. 

2. Sara Tendulkar



I don't think Sara Tendulkar will ever need to use a highlighter. Nope, not in this lifetime for sure!

3. Janhvi Kapoor



When you're happy, your skin shows it! Janhvi looks the prettiest with minimal makeup. It works with her beauty and charisma. 

4. Mira Rajput Kapoor


Mother of two gorgeous babies, Mira's radiant glow has been the talk of the town lately. What can I say? She's a happy mommy and her skin knows it!

5. Suhana Khan

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Often in news for her experimentative sense of style, Suhana's makeup is often minimal with the touch of liner and mascara. Clear and radiant, her skin always manages to look luminous. 

6. Aaliyah Kashyap



No makeup days are pretty real for Aaliyah Kashyap. Even when she does put on makeup, it's usually focused on her lips and brows. 

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