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Be It #IWokeUpLikeThis Or #PandaEyes, Here Are 17 Emoji Combos For Every Beauty Addict

Be It #IWokeUpLikeThis Or #PandaEyes, Here Are 17 Emoji Combos For Every Beauty Addict

We live in a world where emojis speak louder than words. And every emoji has countless meanings! It's a trend invented by the millennials and it feels like a whole new language by itself. By making emoji combos, you can now get any message across in a jiffy! They're straightforward, cute and oh-so-convenient. Beauty lovers have their own emoji lingo too! In case you want to join the community, you better know these beauty emoji combos. Trust me, they're a real lifesaver! 

1. I woke up like this!

emo 9 

2. Bikini Body Ready

emo 12

3. Cat Eye Makeup

emo 13

4. Beauty Queen

emo 14

5. Chipped Nails

emo 15

6. Panda Eyes

emo 7

7. Sheet Mask Selfie!

emo 18

8. Bad Hair Day

emo 17

9. Botox 

emo 11

10. Glowing Skin

emo 16

11. Haircut Time!

emo 3

12. No Makeup Selfie

emo 4

13. Beach Waves

emo 8

14. Beauty Sleep

emo 5

15. Spent Too Much Money On Makeup

emo 21

16. Cupid's Bow

emo 19

17. Going Under The Knife

emo 20

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Published on Sep 17, 2018
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