Athiya Shetty Just Recreated A Classic Fairy Tale Scene In This Fabulous Red Gown!

Athiya Shetty Just Recreated A Classic Fairy Tale Scene In This Fabulous Red Gown!

Possibly one of the earliest fairy tales that we read growing up was of the kind-hearted orphan girl with an evil stepmother and sisters, Cinderella. We sighed and wept with her during all the hate and shade she received from them. That is why the scene where she finally broke free and went to the ball is stuck in our minds forever!

Being a princess might not be the same thing in reality (Meghan Markle isn't wearing glass shoes!), but you can definitely recreate the fantasy in art. Which is why we bet the uplifting fairy tale of Cinderella was part of the mood board Shriya Som's team created while working on Aurora FW 18 - A Winter's Dawn campaign with Athiya Shetty (bare feet included):




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Go on, run wild, barefoot and free. Captured by: @taras84 ♥️ Beauty by: @namratasoni ♥️ Outfit: @shriyasom

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The collection is made of classic silhouettes with gorgeous floral trims, twirling vines, and custom textures that are characteristic of the label's ode to Aurora, the Goddess of Dawn.

They've picked red as their primary hue of the season, inspired by the colour of love. For Athiya they picked out this Aurora Rose corset and textured skirt crafted with lightweight organza and signature weightless embroidery. 


After seeing these pictures, we're waiting with bated breaths for the new collection to hit stores. Till then, we can quench our thirst with these adorable numbers: 

1 athiya

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What other fashion campaigns inspired by pop culture can you think of? Let us know which one is your favourite!

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