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There Are Digital Supermodels Now...Can You Tell The Difference?

There Are Digital Supermodels Now...Can You Tell The Difference?

Instagram modelling has become the new 'IT' career for the young and the restless. From fashion and beauty influencers to actual working models, everybody has their portfolio on the platform for the world to see. And while some aspects of the world of Instagram models are easier to swallow than the rest, there is one up and coming trend that is quite bizarre... digital models.

Spearheading this movement are a couple of Instagram accounts, one of which will leave you speechless. With a total of 145k followers, Shudu is known as the world's first digital supermodel.

Created by British photographer Cameron-James Wilson, this CGI model is made from a 3D-modelling software. The model looks so life-like that, at first, people couldn't tell whether she was real or fake. Bagging top clients in the industry, this fake model has created quite a stir in the industry.

Another big name in the digital supermodel genre is the Instagram handle that goes by the name 'lilmiquela'. This CGI model has taken things a step further by diving into the music industry and garnering over 1.5 million plays on Spotify.




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First day of class at The School of CEO’s. Also my first time in stilettos. #WANGInc

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Believe it or not, but CGI models are gaining a lot of traction with legitimate endorsements and promotions directed their way due to the sheer number of followers they have. They even feature in ads with real models, where they're photoshopped into the campaigns digitally by their creators. 




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Workout Plan in full effect! Me and my girls are excited to wear The Exercise Dress by @outdoorvoices OUT NOW! #DoingThings

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The rise of digital models has left the modelling world divided. To think that CGI models are turning into influencers is a thought that's both fantastical and disturbing. Fantastic because technology really has come a long way. Disturbing because can we expect a computerised model to sell high-fashion?

Do you think this is where the modelling world has headed? Let us know!

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Published on Sep 17, 2018
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