Daddy Cool Anil Kapoor & Anand Ahuja Are Setting New Sasur-Damaad Goals!

Daddy Cool Anil Kapoor & Anand Ahuja Are Setting New Sasur-Damaad Goals!

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are one such married couple of the tinsel town who are setting major goals on marriage, family and togetherness. There's no denying the gem of a person Anand is and how he has won all hearts in the Kapoor khaandaan and is everybody's favourite now. All fathers out there want a damaad like him for their darling daughter. Don't they?


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In an interview with a leading daily, Anil had shared his feelings for son-in-law Anand, “He’s not my son-in-law, he’s like my son... I’d say friend. We bond over health, fitness and loving our parents and family. He’s very work-oriented, so we talk about that.”

He didn't stop there. He came up with a lot more praise.

“Of course, there are things that I learned from him, since he has travelled so much, has studied in one of the best universities. These things I’m taking from him. He’s young, and comes up with great, fresh ideas where health is concerned. He has got a lot of depth and is very spiritual. It’s a combination of so many things we relate and connect to.”

In a previous interview, Anil had made it clear that he's going to be a friend to Anand and not his father-in-law.

"What father-in-law! From the very beginning, I made it clear to Anand that I was going to be his friend and not his father-in-law. The ice melted even before it was frozen. Anand has been a part of our family for a very long time. We are pals first, and relatives later.”


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Not only that, even Anand seems to be very fond of his father-in-law. On the success of Anil Kapoor's latest release Fanney Khan, he took it to his Instagram and posted a very long caption full of praises for his father-in-law. It read - 

"One is nothing, one can do nothing, one can achieve nothing without working, dear. If you are poor, work. If you are rich, continue working. If you are burdened, dear, with seemingly unfair responsibilities, work. Dear, if you are happy, keep right on working. Dear, idleness gives room for doubt and fear. Dear, of disappointment comes, please work. If your health is threatened, please work. Dear, when your faith and hope falters, work. Dear, when dreams are shattered and hope seems dead, please work. Dear, work as if your life were in peril. Dear, it really is. No matter what ails you, work. Dear, work with love, faith and patience. Work is the greatest remedy for mental and physical afflictions.” #SwamiRamBaba ••• Wise words and favorite saying of the real life Fanney Khan @anilskapoor ... Always the hardest worker in the room, and that too with the biggest, most excited (and mischievous) smile on his face! Congratulations on a job well done! 🙏🏼"

If this isn't father-in-law and son-in-law goals, then we don't know what is! How we wish all Damaad-Sasur Ji are as much in love with each other as these two are!

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