Not Just For Your Vajajay, Panty Liners Can Be A Part Of Your Daily Beauty Regime Too!

Not Just For Your Vajajay,  Panty Liners Can Be A Part Of Your Daily Beauty Regime Too!

Every girl has a pack of panty liners at home. Compared to sanitary napkins, panty liners are thinner and absorb moderate vaginal discharge. All that is cool, but do you know that these babies have other uses too? I mean, if you tap into your creative space, I'm sure you'll come up with some crazy panty liner hacks. If you haven't, I have some fun ideas where you can use panty liners in your daily life.  

1. They Absorb Foot Sweat!

Don't have insoles? Amaze! Panty liners can help with absorbing foot sweat and odour. Another bonus is that they will save you from getting shoe bites too. 

2. A Nail Polish Remover

If you're ever out of cotton balls to remove your nail polish, use a panty liner! It's gentle on the nails and does not leave behind any cotton strands. Plus, one pad is equivalent to 8-10 cotton balls. You save material that way. *Wink*

3. Did Some Say Makeup Wipes?

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Makeup wipes can sometimes be expensive. To cut on cost, you can use panty liners. Apply some baby oil or micellar water and gently take off your makeup by using panty liners. They work like a charm!

4. Draw Fresher, Hello?

Each panty liner has a pleasant scent to it. Open one and place it in your lingerie drawer or clothes cupboard. It absorbs the odour and improves the quality of air in these stuffy places.

5. Sweat Patches For The Win!

Easy to use and delivers good results. Simply stick them to the underarm region of your tee and leave it to do its thing! It's perfect for absorbing sweat. Also, if your bra's underwire is troubling you, you can simply wrap one around it to reduce friction. 


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6. Eye Makeup Just Got Easier

Applying eye makeup when you've dolled up the rest of your face could be tricky. One wrong move and your whole makeup can go for a toss. Hence stick panty liners below the eyes so that if the product has to fall, it lands on your liner and not on your skin. It's less messy I would say. 

Here are the best panty liners out there!

Bella Herbs Panty Liners (Rs 175)

Sofy Daily Fresh Panty Liner (Rs 151)

Carefree Super Dry Pantyliners (Rs 270)

Whisper Daily Liners Clean and Fresh (Rs 171)

everteen® 100% Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners (Rs 158)

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