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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: 7 Things *NOT* To Do When You're Kissing Someone

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: 7 Things *NOT* To Do When You're Kissing Someone

Do you remember what your first kiss was like? As far as I remember, it was quite awkward. I did not know a lot of things - where to keep my hands, what to do with my tongue and how to make it deeper. Kissing someone is a fascinating experience, especially when you know how to do it right! So, I don't want you to have the same awkward experience ever again. For your sake and for your partner's, here is a list of things you should never do when you're kissing someone. 

1. Thinking too much about your next move

You are in a passionate moment and you want to enjoy the most of it. Don't ruin it by thinking constantly of the next move. Make the most of it by being where you are. After all, kissing someone is one of the best things ever!

Things To Not Do When You're Kissing Someone 1

2. Open your eyes!

Look at your partner with love and passion. Let them see you're into this and communicate with your eyes. 

3. Use too much saliva

You know what's a bad kiss like? Using too much saliva! Make sure you don't wet your partner's face, you're not a little puppy slobbering away. Take it slow and with less saliva!

Things To Not Do When You're Kissing Someone 2

4. Have a bad breath

Kissing etiquettes 101 - make sure you don't have a bad breath before kissing someone. It not only is a form of good manners, but also is a big turn on for the other person.

5. To use your teeth

It's okay to gently bite your partner's lip when you're kissing them but if you aggressively bite them then you'll probably cause some sort of injury during the process.

Things To Not Do When You're Kissing Someone 4

6. Move too fast

Kissing is all about taking things slow and enjoying it. What's the hurry, anyway? Take things easy as it also turns you on when you're at it. You will also see your chemistry with that person sparking. 

7. Be still and not move your hands

Your partner should know that you're interested and attracted. Move your hands to their neck and waist while you're kissing them to make them feel that you're enjoying it. This will also help in taking things to the next level. *wink*

Things To Not Do When You're Kissing Someone 7

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Published on Sep 11, 2018
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