5 Creative Ways You Can Cover A Revealing Neckline Without Having To Use A Pin

5 Creative Ways You Can Cover A Revealing Neckline Without Having To Use A Pin

Women know the feeling of dread when they've been waiting to wear a new wrap-top, and when they do, it feels like your ladybits will fall out any moment. Low-cut blouses and tops run the risk of major wardrobe malfunction if not dealt with carefully. They are also the result of improper fit and fall, that can be a nuisance for new clothes that you can't return. Not to mention the untoward glances from men and cheeky comments from BFFs.


Fortunately, there are a few creative ways you can fix this issue. While we believe that you should wear whatever you want without any inhibitions, sometimes you might need adjustments. Depending on where you have to be, we have some simple hacks that will make you wonder 'Why didn't I think of that?'

1. Sew In Lace Inserts

1 plunging

It's a pretty easy DIY, just sew in lace inserts with a V or low-cut neckline. Keep the stitches limited to simple tucks so that you can take it off if needed.

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2. Wear It With A Tee

2 plunging

Adopt this '90s trend to fix your plunging slip dresses. Pair it over fitted cropped tees to curate a new look altogether.

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3. Get Those Accessories Out

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Layer your chunky necklaces and pair them with low-neck tops and dresses to cover up in a way that is oh-so-chic.

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4. Get Those Pretty Bralettes Out

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Strappy bras and pretty bralettes are a good investment on their own. Pair a snappy bra with your low cut necklines to distract from the revealing cleavage.

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5. Go For The Sheer Upper

3 plunging

Round up some sheer tops that you can easily throw on with plunging tops and dresses. The polka dotted and embroidered ones will make the best combinations. 

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Share some of your fashion hacks that can we can use to adult a little better!

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