This Makeup Artist Embracing Acne With Colourful Makeup Has Got Us Crying With Joy!

This Makeup Artist Embracing Acne With Colourful Makeup Has Got Us Crying With Joy!

Nothing has given us as many unpleasant surprises as much as a pimple has. You can't really be sure when a one will pop up on your forehead, nose or cheek. So, isn't it time that instead of trying so hard to get rid of acne, we embrace it?

This makeup artist did exactly that and we're so thrilled! 

Rocio Cervantes shared a series of photographs on her Twitter profile to showcase her unique way to embrace a breakout. 

Read her inspiring Twitter thread here:

Rocio received a lot of appreciation from the Twitter community. One of the retweets was captioned, "an unbothered queen thriving during this trying time in the industry." That's exactly what we are feeling too.

"As someone who struggles with confidence big time bc of acne, I love this 😭 I want so badly to accept my face for what it is but it’s so hard for me and I just love seeing others able to do it bc it gives me hope," another one read.

Rocio even took to Instagram and posted her photos with a beautiful caption that took our heart away.




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Hi loves it’s late I know I’m sorry but I did this right now it was a concept I had for awhile now it came out of frustration as you all know (since I speak about it so much lol) my acne hinders my ability to do anything last night I was thinking how it would be if I didn’t have acne what I would look like and afterwards I was so ashamed of myself for thinking that because I am beautiful so I hope anyone dealing with anything whether it be acne or not knows that they will get through it I love y’all that’s all (btw I put the stickers down first and then I packed on my foundation took the stickers off and Bam)lol ❤️ Here are details of what I used Foundation @makeupforeverofficial foundation stick Set with @rimmellondonus translucent powder Contour @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina fawn Glow @anastasiabeverlyhills Dream glow kit “Magic” Brows @anastasiabeverlyhills Ebony brow definer Eyes @certifeye Tropical wonders palette and The dynasty palette Lashes are from @blushtribe I’m not sure whah the style is sorry! Lips @morphebrushes trippy gloss lined with @gerardcosmetics nude Stickers from hobby lobby!

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Isn't this so exactly goddess-like?

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