ZARA Stole Thanos' Infinity Stones 'Coz These New Earrings Scream Style Superpowers!

ZARA Stole Thanos' Infinity Stones 'Coz These New Earrings Scream Style Superpowers!

Tuesdays are our favourite days of all. So much that we look forward to them more than the weekend. Why, you ask? Because Tuesday is when Zara's new collection drops every week. Which makes our Wednesday happier, by extension.

So today, on the occasion of payday, we're sharing our happiness with you. What better way to celebrate 1st of the month than by shopping at Zara, am I right?

From this week's new collection, there is this one accessory that has vanished us whole out of our seats, much like when Thanos snaps his finger in Avengers: Infinity War.

0 zara - thanos infinity wars gauntlet

And it is said to possess some mighty superpowers too.


Gem Earrings

1 zara - gem earrings

In a gold-toned colour with a stone-like geometric shape, these earrings have not six but seven (Thanos can suck it) multicoloured gemstones embellished in them. Their superpower - their universal appeal, and the fact that they can go with both western as well as Indian wear outfits. One pair to rule them all!

2 zara - multicoloured earrings

Not buying these gem earrings can seriously haunt you.

3 zara - front and back view of gem earrings

The best part? They have a clip closure so if you don't have your ears pierced, it won't be an issue with these magical little babies.

4 zara - girl wearing gem earrings

Loving them already? Buy the Gem Earrings for Rs 1,190 only at Zara. Hurry, get them before they're snapped out.

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