Here's Why Your Hairdresser INSISTS On Regular Trim Sessions For Healthy, Long Hair!

Here's Why Your Hairdresser INSISTS On Regular Trim Sessions For Healthy, Long Hair!

If I had a rupee for everytime someone said 'trim your hair regularly', I'd have enough money to buy myself coffee every day for a whole year. Every time any hairdresser reprimands me for not coming in to trim my hair regularly, I have a list of excuses for him. My relationship with my hair hasn't been as troubled but I definitely have come a long way since my razor cut days in school. 

When I finally decided to grow my hair out in college, it took really long for that to manifest. Which of course led to me being super protective about my hair length at any given point. And it turns to sheer panic and dread when I have to get my hair cut or even trimmed. My hairdressers will always ask me to trim my hair regularly and I would promise but would never keep to it. 

Watching YouTube videos or reading articles about growing your hair always had this point. And the idea behind it got lost in translation somewhere. People started saying stuff like it makes your hair grow faster and I just thought it was counter-intuitive hence not legitimate. But then one angry conversation with a hairstylist finally brought me the answer that I was looking for and I have never missed a trim sesh since. 

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So, why trim split ends regularly? How does it help?

Understand this, when your hair splits a the ends, have you noticed the ends are not the only places you have splits? Like when you minutely look at your hair, there are split ends all through your hair shaft. Yes, that's because the hair split travels up. It keeps splitting through the shaft and new growth. So the longer you wait before trimming them off, the more split your hair gets and the more you have to cut them if you want a healthy mane. 

Regular trims ensure the split doesn't travel up and your hair grow out remains healthy. This ensures a smoother growth cycle. So guys, book your haircut appointment and get to trimming. Your hair needs you!

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