Here's Why I Decided Not To Attend My Bestie's Wedding Next Month

Here's Why I Decided Not To Attend My Bestie's Wedding Next Month

I have always been a sucker for sappy romances and a complete believer in the ideology of 'love at first sight'. In fact, I have been waiting for the day I come across an amazing guy who makes me fall for him instantly. I always felt that my love stories lacked that Disney touch, and that was partly the reason why my relationships never lasted very long. My idea of love is very different from the reality. 

But for some reason, when my childhood bestie Neha decided to tie the knot with someone she had just met less than a month back, I completely flipped out. All our lives, I had been the unrealistic, sappy one and Neha had been the one with all the practicality in the world, even when it came to love. She chose her boyfriends carefully after a long screening process and I always gave her so much s**t for being so harsh on the guys who were interested in her.

And then one fine day, she came up to me and told me that she thought the guy she had met at a party that previous week, was the one for her. I was dumbfounded but happy for her. It was unlike Neha, but I was glad she was finally giving someone a chance to impress her. Now, I don't think I've told you this, but Neha and I are long-distance besties for over four years now. She moved to Hyderabad for a job in 2014 and since then, Skype has been helping us keep the dosti in check. Anyway, all was good but then something weird happened. Rahul proposed to her after dating for 20 days. Yes, he proposed marriage to her! Now, I don't have anything against it, because he is 31 and was obviously looking for a more serious commitment, but dude!!! 20 days is all you've known her for!


When Neha told me about this, I was pretty chilled out because I thought that koi baat nahi, she's smart and she'll handle it. But the girl was so smitten by this boy that she agreed! Despite everybody, including her family and friends telling her not to. On her next trip to Delhi, she asked Rahul to accompany her with his entire family for a roka function. Even though her parents liked Rahul, their apprehension was clearly visible on their faces. I too was really worried about how fast things were going but no amount of discussions helped. 

And then I did the most stupid thing I could do as her best friend. I stopped talking to her. I felt bad that my childhood bestie wasn't ready to take my advice on the most important decision of her life. She hadn't even made an effort to make me warm up to Rahul. I had talked to him on the phone ONCE for literally 2 minutes. All this just hurt me real bad and I decided I would not attend her wedding. If she was okay taking the decision all by herself, she could very well manage getting married without me by her side.

My parents and friends tried to reason with me on this. They told me I would regret missing her wedding at some point in my life. But I think I'm just too hurt by her behaviour to listen to them. I will always love her and wish the best for her, but going to her shaadi is off limits for now. 

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