What To Do If Your Man Wants To Have Sex More Often Than You Do?

What To Do If Your Man Wants To Have Sex More Often Than You Do?

Compatibility is a major factor in making any relationship successful. The partners in a relationship need to be on the same page for smooth sailing. While we're not asking you to be a yes man to your partner, it's very important to agree to disagree. But what is the disagreement is happening between the sheets in the form of different sex drives? How do you and your partner land on the same page then?

It's common for you and your guy to have different sex drives. Either one of you can want sex more or less. And it shouldn't be a problem as long as the two of you talk it out and are willing to mutually work towards reaching a common ground. Sex may be an important part of your relationship but it can never be the most important part. So, if you're willing to work through this with your partner, we've got some pointers for you.

1. Is it what you think it is?

It is altogether possible that you may be going through a dry spell. Expecting yourself to have the same kinds of carnal desires at all times is a little impractical. Before you term it as low sex drive, go with the flow for a while and see where that takes you.

3 different sex drives

2. Acknowledge the differences

Shoving the issues under the rug isn't going to help you. You cannot be having sex at the whims of your partner without ever mentioning your discomfort. That is a dangerous territory. So, speak up. Let them know that your libido doesn't exactly match theirs. This may prove to be the best thing as your disinterest in sex may have them doubting their abilities.

3. It's not personal

Often, we tend to take anything our partner does personally and blame ourselves for it. So, it's important to establish a clear network where you let them know that this isn't their fault. Your sex drive has nothing with your attraction to them and it's important they know this! You really need each other's support to figure this out!

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4. Explore your options

No, we don't mean other people. Adultery is not acceptable. What we're saying is explore the fact that every touch with your man does not have to turn into something sexual. Sometimes, you can just cuddle and lie together and that can be equally fulfilling. But having said that, don't be afraid to try new things sexually. Maybe you're not feeling the thing you're doing and not sex in general. Find your comfort zone and rock it!

5. A little 'me' time wouldn't hurt

If they are feeling sexually unsatisfied, encourage masturbation. Most people in relationships feel guilty about doing it, but it is absolutely healthy to masturbate. Obviously, we're not asking them to be hooked to porn or addicted to masturbation, but a little hand action here and there can be extremely relaxing.

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6. Asking for help is a good thing

We've said this before and we're saying it again. Sex has to do with more than just your body. Maybe it is all in your mind, maybe it's hormonal or maybe you just don't like sex. All of the above reasons are absolutely valid but seeking help and reaching to the root cause of the issue will help you grow as a person and improve your sex life.

7. Just let yourself be

Sometimes, backing away from the problem and leaving it alone for a while helps you more than anything else. If you keep thinking about it, you're caught in a vicious cycle because your low sex drive is stressing you out and your stress is lowering your sex drive. Own up to who you are and let yourself live a little, please!

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