Sexpert Diaries: How To Be A Sex Unicorn & Create Magic In The Bedroom

Sexpert Diaries: How To Be A Sex Unicorn & Create Magic In The Bedroom

Unicorns, lately, are everywhere. From your backpacks to your coffee, they've taken over the world. And now, these mythical creatures have taken over your bedroom too. Yes, one of the most magical things about life - sex - just got some more magic added to it.

Let's admit that we've all considered a threesome at some point of time in our lives. And that is exactly where a sex unicorn comes in. Defined as a 'the person who joins a couple either for a threesome or to enter into a triad polyamorous relationship', sex unicorns are magical creatures because they rarely exist and finding them can be a thing of beauty.

Sex unicorns are usually bisexual or bi-curious, for obvious reasons and they are the ones who have a lot of power in the dynamics of the relationship. They aren't there to get into a relationship with the existing couple, they don't need to commit and they are the masters of their will. They aren't there to demand equal rights in the relationship, but only to add some fun and spice to the order of things.

2 sex unicorn

If the prospect of being a sex unicorn sounds appealing to you, here are some things you must keep in mind!

1. No emotional attachment

You cannot be bringing emotions to the equation when three's already a crowd. Keep your emotions and feelings in check and remember you're only there to bone. You can't ask them to satisfy your emotional needs either!

2. There is no equality

You aren't equal in this dynamic. The two of them are dating and you're only there to heat things up or, sometimes, even mend relationships. Harsh as it sounds, it's true. At the end of the day, you don't feature in their long-term plans and neither should they in yours.

1 sex unicorn

3. Boundaries are a must

Establish what works and what doesn't right in the start. Neither of the partners can use you as a bargaining chip in their power struggle. You're in it for sex and only sex. While you may develop personal equations with the partners, you shouldn't allow any secret keeping!

4. You're free to fly...

...whenever things get messy. You're a free bird and if you can see that things are not so great between the couple, get out of there for your own peace of mind.

3 sex unicorn

5. You can see other people

This is not an exclusive relationship. You can totally go on dates, have fun and meet new people as you'd like to. Nobody can keep you from doing that. Just remember to tell them about your magical powers as a unicorn and be honest about it from the start.

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