What Does It Mean If You Dream About Cheating On Your Boyfriend?

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Cheating On Your Boyfriend?

Dreams are an escape. A beautiful land where you can lose yourself temporarily even when reality sucks. Sometimes, the best breakthroughs also come to you through your dreams, but so do disturbing, cryptic messages. It's said that your dreams are a reflection of what's going on in your conscious and subconscious mind.  

Have you ever dreamt about cheating on your boyfriend and woken up startled and slightly ashamed because you are completely in love with him? The idea leaves you perturbed and confused about what you're feeling. So, if you've even been there, I've decoded this disturbing dream for you - with different scenarios as they come to you!

1. You're cheating on your boyfriend

First things first, the main thing to know here is that dreaming about cheating has nothing to do with your desire to cheat, but you're just guilty about something. It could be something totally unrelated to your relationship. It's about compromising your integrity and beliefs over something and having it come back and haunt you in this way. 

2. You're cheating on your boyfriend with your ex

It doesn't necessarily have to be your ex. It can also be some person you know as a friend, your boss or the cute boy you saw on your way to the office. Not only does a dream like this leave you extremely guilty but it also makes things super awkward. But it does not have anything to do with your desire to be unfaithful to your partner. These people just represent something in your life that has been taking up too much time in your life that may be harming your relationship and leaving your partner unhappy.

1 dreaming about cheating

3. You're cheating on your boyfriend with multiple people

Dreamt of being in a room full of naked people, all doing each other while your boyfriend is conspicuously absent? This dream of cheating on your partner with not one, but multiple people may leave you with a feeling of guilt you can't shake off. But this dream has more to do with your desire to experiment in the bedroom if you've been too safe in there. It may also mean that there have been too many things you're working on and you've spread yourself too thin!

4. Dreaming about partner swapping

Ever had a dream where you were on a date with your favourite couple and now you've swapped partners? All this dream tells you is that you need change up your routine, especially your sex life which needs major spicing up. 

2 dreaming about cheating

5. Dreaming about being cheated upon

Ironically, this dream pops up the most when your relationship is going well. When things seem to be working out, most of us become a little paranoid feeling something could go wrong and that's why you might have had this dream. Alternatively, it could also mean you feel like you aren't matching up to the expectations of other people and that is causing insecurity.

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