5 Movie Looks That Prove Kajol Is The Simran To Our Raj

5 Movie Looks That Prove Kajol Is The Simran To Our Raj

There is a reason why Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge has been playing at the iconic Maratha Mandir in Mumbai for the past decade... the film is timeless. First released in 1995, the film catapulted its young stars Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan into indefinite stardom, making them household names for the Indian audience. The film also became a young love classic, with '90s kids around the country memorising and enacting dialogues from the movie in a single breath. 

It takes someone very special indeed to create movie magic like this and Kajol is a Bollywood actress worthy of that distinction. And on occasion of her turning 44 yesterday, we are taking a look back at some of our favourite fashion moments from her movies, all equally unique and unforgettable.

1. When She Pulled Off A Beret Like It's Nobody's Business


The pretty Parisian backdrop was complemented incredibly well when the camera was on Kajol. From her risque blouses, suede skirts, and even towel dresses, Kajol's fashion in DDLJ is still a dream for the now grown-up 90s kids!

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2. When She Made Sarees Her Business

kajol 1

While we do think that her college avatar in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was as cute as they come, it was only when Kajol donned a saree that we understood what it means to become your own woman. Also, she owned Rahul in a game of basketball wearing a saree, need we say more?

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3. When She Channelled A True Sardarni In Suits + Paranda

kajol 2

Born in a Bengali family, Kajol managed to win even the coldest hearts when she displayed her range playing a sardarni in K3G. Also, all those tailored suits paired with traditional Punjabi styling heightened her charm further!

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4. When She Managed To Look Resplendent In Just A Kurti & Skirt


Sure, the movie is super depressing, but there is one redeeming factor about Fanaa we can't miss...Kajol's simple yet refreshingly beautiful looks in warm colours. Trust us when we say that Kajol remains the OG inspiration for the cropped kurti + skirt look.

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5. When She Looked Like A Total Fashionista In Dilwale

kajol movie

Looking like  a 25-year old in your late 30s is a feat Kajol can pull off without a single "par, kaise?"! Arguably in one of her most stylish roles on screen, we were left in awe of her youthful ensembles and effortless style.  

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