Chak Dhoom Dhoom: 7 Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy This Monsoon

Chak Dhoom Dhoom: 7 Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy This Monsoon

Monsoons are in full swing and it is the perfect season to enjoy getting drenched in rains, especially for the kids. But rains bring a host of infections - dengue, malaria, viral are just few of the diseases that plague this season. But here are a few ways to keep your kids safe and healthy while they enjoy this rainy season. Read further to find out.

1. Say No to Street Food

As tempting as it may look or smell, avoiding street food is key. The quality of water during monsoons is questionable. One can only wonder the hygiene standards of street food vendors; therefore, it is essential to avoid eating out as much as possible, especially for kids. Their immune system is not completely developed and they are more prone to infections that are caused by contaminated water and unhygienic food.

1 parineeti chopra eating street food

2. Keep Them Mosquitos At Bay

It's that time when mosquitoes breed in unattended water and spread illnesses. So, keep your kids covered with full-sleeved shirts and pants. You can also use sprays or creams on children or specially designed mosquitos bands and patches that keep the kids safe from mosquitos bites. Also make sure that you don't let water stand anywhere in your house or around it. 

3. Keep The Kids Dry

Kids love to get drenched in the rains. As fun as it sounds, it's the recipe for all sorts of viral infections. So, keep your kids from being in damp clothing for longer intervals as they are bound the catch the sniffles or worse, the viral. Keep an extra change of clothes in their school bags, so they can change in case they get soaked.

3 coco enjoying the rain 

4. Keep Them Hydrated

The best way to tackle the heat and the humidity is to keep your kids hydrated. Children forget to drink water at regular intervals, especially when playing, and that leads to fatigue and dehydration. Make sure they carry a water bottle with them, so can drink water as and when possible.

5. Wash Hands Regularly

To ensure good hygiene in kids and adults alike during this season, it is recommended that one should have frequent showers and wash their hands at regular intervals. This keeps the built-up germs and bacteria at bay.

5 man washing hands

6. Eat Immunity Boosting Food

Foods such as lemon, tomatoes, oranges, broccoli, strawberries, dairy, and eggs are all great sources of Vitamins C and B12 which are essential for building immunity. Increase the intake of these foods during the season.

7. Cover Up Those Feet

Jumping into muddy puddles can cause the dirty water to enter wounds (if any). Ask your children to wear footwear that covers their feet completely. With children being children, those feet will get wet and dirty, try washing them thoroughly and dry them as soon as possible.

7 walking in rain boots

Following these simple yet effective methods can make a huge impact on you and your children's health. Be mindful of these and enjoy an infection-free monsoon.

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