Pehli Nazar Mein Kaisa Jaadoo Kar Diya: Ways To Know If The First Date Chemistry Is Real

Pehli Nazar Mein Kaisa Jaadoo Kar Diya: Ways To Know If The First Date Chemistry Is Real

First dates can be stressful. You rethink everything from what you're going to eat to how to greet them goodbye. What if he doesn't like me? What if I don't come across as interesting? What if he is a psychopath? The 'what ifs' make us overthink and fill our minds with all sorts of pessimism.

Most people expect their first dates to be just awkward (given all the pressures), but that's not always true. Sometimes, there is an instant chemistry that draws towards your date in the first meeting and you feel connected, like you have known each other for years! It's true, it happens to people - they spend an entire evening together and it feels like minutes have passed. 

But is this chemistry two-sided and real? We tell you all the signs that you have found someone special.

1. Great Comfort Level

Meeting someone new can give you jitters. Most of us feel nervous before going on a first date. If you feel at ease with your date and all the stress has subsided, then you know that your chemistry with them is definitely something special. 

First date chemistry 1

2. Time Flies By

Were you so engrossed in them and their stories that you forgot to order the main course and it's midnight already? Well, when you’re onto something good and with someone great, then time becomes irrelevant.


3. Their Level Of Crazy Matches Yours

Are they open to trying adventurous things like you do? Do they also appreciate a dry sense of humour or sarcasm? Do they not judge you for doing something totally risky and rad? Well, then you know that you guys have surely clicked.

First date chemistry 4

4. Too Much To Talk About

First dates can sometimes be boring. You don't know the person and chances are that they don't want to open up too quickly. So, if you don't run out of topics to talk to them about and they are able to pull off a conversation, you've found a match!

5. No Phone Zone

Not checking your phone for minutes at a stretch, let alone hours, is a rare case nowadays given that we're more into out mobile phones than into the person sitting in front of us. So, if you didn't get the chance to even check the time on your phone, it's a good sign!

6. They're On Your Mind After You're Back Home

Their smile, their laugh, and their voice are flooding your mind and making you blush even after you're back home? Are already planning for the next meeting? In that case, you've really had some great chemistry with your date.

First date chemistry 7

Time to go out with them again!

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