#GetTheLook: Athiya's Wavy Hair Tutorial Is A Cakewalk For Girls With Straight Hair

#GetTheLook:  Athiya's Wavy Hair Tutorial Is A Cakewalk For Girls With Straight Hair

As strange as it may sound, many women who I meet for the first time ask me if my curls are natural or if I'm wearing a wig. Thank goodness it isn't the latter. I may not have tight ringlets, but I do have waves. The good part is that today, ANYONE can get waves. Take Athiya Shetty for example. This diva has natural and silky straight hair. Yet in most of her pictures, she's spotted posing with her curls. My point is - if she can pull this hairstyle off, so can you! Here's how to get waves like Athiya. 


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Step 1: Divide your hair into 2 sections.

Step 2: Braid one section and move on to the second one after you're done with the first.

Step 3: Gently and slowly run your iron down the braid. (If you just want to curl your ends, skip ironing the top part of the braid and start from the middle to the end.)

Step 4: Once your hair has cooled down. Open the braid up and comb your hair using your fingers. 

And that's how you get beachy waves at home! (Also, here's another picture of Athiya rocking those waves)


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Want locks like hers? No probs! These hair products will help you get there *Wink*

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3. Chronex Women's Ponytail Holders (Rs 175)

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