7 Times Varun Dhawan's October Co-star Banita Sandhu Won At Fashion & Life!

7 Times Varun Dhawan's October Co-star Banita Sandhu Won At Fashion & Life!

If you haven't heard about the romance film October, we won't blame you. The movie wasn't given the traditional Bollywood promotional treatment and failed to pack seats in the theatre as well. But there is one detail about the film that has given us major FOMO, since it barely registered in anyone's conscience, its female lead. Varun Dhawan's co-star Banita Sandhu debuted in this movie and boy is she one hell of a fashionista off the screen! 

Here are 7 ways the young starlet proves herself to be that fashion girl we all didn't just need but deserve!

1. Her OOTDs Are Totally Cool

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From street style to leisure and travel, Banita has a great sense of personal style. Her curated posts are sure to give you OOTD ideas for days.

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2. She Dresses Her Age But Looks Super Classy

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At just 20, the young Sandhu is extremely stylish for her age. Contrary to our 20-year-old self, she seems to understand that there are more clothes to wear than just band t-shirts and ripped jeans.

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3. She Attended Her Graduation In This Risque Jumpsuit


who says you can’t do both? 🤷🏽‍♀️🎬🎓

A post shared by Banita Sandhu (@banitasandhu) on

Talk about moving on from college. The young actress recently graduated from King's College, London. An English Literature major, we know where her smart captions come from, also, how cool is that robe!

4. Her Instagram Aesthetic Is Off The Charts


waiting for @krisjenner to be my momager

A post shared by Banita Sandhu (@banitasandhu) on

It's not surprising to expect a 20-year-old today to have their Instagram game on point, but her well thought out and edited posts are in a league of their own. Her page will definitely give you some fresh perspective on how to build your own Instagram aesthetic. 

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5. Her Fun Loving Punjabi Self Merges With Style


Boomerangs are not my forte...

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If you were wondering where her infectious energy comes from, it's probably because she belongs to a Punjabi family. Guess we can we attribute her carefree and comfort-first style to her chilled out genes.

6. She Embraces Her Slender Frame With Gusto


💜 spring has sprung 💜

A post shared by Banita Sandhu (@banitasandhu) on

Most 20-year olds are insecure about their body, so it is a genuine treat to see a young person stand tall and be comfortable in their skin. Banita's eye for styling the slender frame is at full display in this outfit.

7. Taking Fashion Risks Are Effortless For Her

You need to be brave to be fashionable in a completely unique way. How does Bandita balance out an all-black outfit? Add golden hoops of course!



Can you do it? #DeleChallenge

A post shared by Banita Sandhu (@banitasandhu) on

Have you been frustrated by the #DeleChallenge? Let Banita give you the lowdown on how to do it. Make sure you finally post it to your Snapchat with a humblebrag!

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