6 Useful Travel Apps You Must Download To Make Your Vacation Hassle-Free!

6 Useful Travel Apps You Must Download To Make Your Vacation Hassle-Free!

What's the best part of travelling the world? Explorations, experiences, people and relaxation. And what's the worst? Planning it to suit everyone's requirements. Be it with friends and family, when you are in charge of planning the vacation, especially the one with a budget and getting the insta-approved shots through the trip, it can be a tiring journey. It may feel more like a task and less like a vacay, but no worries, we'll help you make your vacay-life easier. 

Much like other industries, the travel industry is also brimming with technology and numerous travel apps are here to save you from wasting your hours on Googling the right hotel over and over or checking the status of your flight at the last minute.

Just download the travel apps we've compiled for you and enjoy your upcoming vacation like a travel boss! 

1. FlightAware

flightaware travel app

FlightAware allows real-time tracking of the airport and flights including private planes and jets. You can just type the name-code of the airport (for example DEL for New Delhi) and it will display a list of all the flights arriving and departing from the airport. You can easily use the app to track the delays or cancellation of flights.  

2. Mobile Passport

mobile passport travel app

Travelling internationally is fun but what drains a traveller the most is the long line of customs after a long flight. And dealing with customs agents is another tedious process that takes time and energy. With Mobile Passport app, you feed in your flight details as soon as you land. You just answer the usual questions and if you don't have anything to declare, then an e-receipt is issued for you immediately, which is good for three hours.

Once you are off the plane, there'll be a separate line dedicated to you. A customs agent then scans your phone and checks your passport. However, the app currently is usable in 24 airports and one cruise liner but more ports are being added. It's much faster than standing in the line for customs and is authorised by the government. 

3. Booking.com

booking.com travel app
Thinking of an unplanned road trip when you're in an international city? There are plenty of stay options from hotels to boutique properties to homes and camps that you can book on the spot. You can find download these apps such as Booking, Airbnb, Goibibo and Trivago and compare prices to book the best one for you and your troop. 

4. CalConvert

calconvert travel app
Is that shirt costing me Rs 5,000 or Rs 7,000? What's dollar vs rupee rate right now? It's all so confusing. If you get a perfume for Rs 5,000 in Paris that's is about Rs 8,000, you'll probably take two but this guesswork of dollar vs rupee is a real task. CalConvert is a real-time calculator that helps you scan the exact amount of a product or a deal.    

5. LoungeBuddy

loungebuddy travel app
People often book flights with layovers of over two hours to save some bucks but killing time on the airport isn't as entertaining and easy as it may sound, especially when you are in a visa-bound country because you can't really go out of the airport and chill. LoungeBuddy is your buddy for those situations. Whether you travel business or economy class, this app helps you find airport lounges in more than 500 airports around the globe. You just have to enter your trip details, service level and membership status. It pulls out the lounges you can enter in for free or at a one-time fee. You can filter them as per your needs.    

6. Wifi Map

Wifi map travel app

Internet in a new country can cost you a bomb if you have not arranged for a local sim already. So, before your balance drains out of your phone, download Wifi Map. The app gives you GPS locations and login details of free WiFi networks across the globe. It gives you a proper, detailed map for all nearby WiFi spots.


So, dear travellers, pack your bags because now you are ready to begin your hassle-free journey!

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Featured Image Source: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

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