Tu Mera Bhai Nahi Hai: 6 Types Of Brothers Bollywood Has Given Us!

Tu Mera Bhai Nahi Hai: 6 Types Of Brothers Bollywood Has Given Us!

Throughout the years, Bollywood has not just given us amazing movies and romantic relationships. It has also given us some heart-touching moments between family especially iconic brother-sister duos that are unforgettable!

From Shah Rukh playing Max in Josh to Ranveer Singh's Kabir in Dil Dhadakne Do, here are some different types of the brother Bollywood has given us, and we can't deny they're pretty amazing, in their own crazy and loving way.

1. The sweet loving brother

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Shreyas Talpade played a sweet and loving brother to Shweta Prasad in the movie Iqbal. Their relationship is of a brother-sister who look after each other with equal care and warmth. She's his cheerleader and he is her ultimate support system!

2. The brother who's got your back

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The Mehra siblings were an absolutely perfect pair in the film Dil Dhadakne Do. The two of them always stood up for each other, no matter what it took. Especially in his sister's time of crisis, Kabir stood up to his parents even though his love life was at stake. 

3. The introvert brother

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Prateik Babbar and Genelia D'Souza's characters in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na were a complete opposite of each other. Genelia was an extrovert while Prateik was an introvert who just wanted to stay at home and shut himself up from life and everything else. His only wish was to spend more time with his sister, who he felt was his best friend. Could you relate to that kinda sibling relationship?

4. The Protective Brother

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Brothers are irritating at times but they are also protective of their little sisters. That's exactly how Shah Rukh Khan was in Josh when he played Max and to Aishwarya Rai's Shirley. He wouldn't let her date any random guy and would be possessive if any guy came near her. Typical bro, right?

5. The brother who is always by your side

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We all know those kinda brothers who are always around us. Their presence may be annoying but you cannot deny that you love them for it. Chintu always followed Rani didi everywhere in the movie Queen, even on dates but he did stand up to her annoying fiance when the need arose. What a cutie!

6. The passionate brother

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The bro bond between Aamir Khan and Mamik Singh, who are totally passionate about what they do and where they want to be in life, was a pretty inspiring one. They might have fought sometimes but they also fought for each other when the need be. Passionate AF about sports and cycling, here are two brothers who strive and thrive together.

So, which brother is exactly like yours?

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